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Will Sorbeline help to get rid of a very itchy and red area under your arms and on your testicles?

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July 23, 2008 12:32PM

=== === Identifying the cause of the rash you describe is the key -- harder to treat something if you don't know what it is. What you describe, as the first answer mentions (a little differently) sounds like a fungal infection. These can occur in men as a result of exposure to other guys who have the problem -- and it doesn't have to be a sexual transfer -- you actually can get this shaking hands. I'm assuming the following: * This is a new thing. Your symptoms are less than a week old. * There's either a chance you spent some time in a place (like a shower in a gym) where you could pick this up, or you're taking medication that reduces your immune reaction (Prednisone is one), or both. * The rash is either expanding slowly or not expanding at all. * There are no open lesions, unless you scratched them. * There is no pus or oddly colored discharge. If I have any of this wrong, ignore me and get to a doctor. If I'm right -- go on and read more. Go to the pharmacy and talk to the pharmacist (note: Not a Pharmacy Tech - the actual, real, got-a-degree pharmacist), describe the symptom, tell her what I've said and ask their opinion. Ask if you should try an over-the-counter fungicide on this. First take a gentle bath -- DON'T scrub the lesions -- it'll just irritate them, but it's still important to be clean. Then treat as per directions. If the treatment makes things worse, STOP instantly and head for the doctor. The problems with anti-anything is that sometimes you kill the organism you want to kill, and everything gets better. But sometimes, you kill a different organism that was protecting you and acting to suppress the bad-guy organism. If the lesions you have suddenly start blooming like Spring, that may be what happened, and we've left the realm of what's treatable at home, and entered into a doctor's office. If it itches enough, an ER may be called for. === === As to Sorbeline, it seems to be a moisturizing cream. While these can indeed help with dry skin -- and what's more, I can't see how it could hurt -- this still sounds to me like a yeast infection. If it is, Sorbeline won't hurt it, but I'm not convinced it'll help either. However, please let me know either way -- now I crave an answer!