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Will T-Mobile phones work with US Cellular?

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No. The networks used by T-Mobile and US Cellular are incompatible with each other.

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Can you put a tmobile Sim card in a us cellular phone?

No...US Cellular is a CDMA and T Mobile is GSM. Incompatible.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using cellular phones?

Becoz cellular phones is very helpful for everybody in every sector. It help us .

Does US Cellular carry the new iPhone 3g?

No they do not... : ( US Cellular is a CDMA network and all iphones are GSM network, so iphone is not compatible with US Cellular. They also do not allow unlocked phones on their network either, so you have to use one of their phones. I hope this was helpful. : )

Can you use virgin mobile phones for US Cellular?

Only on the weekends

Are cellular phones made in the US?

Lots of brands of cell phones are made in the United States. Some of the brands that manufacture the phones in the US include Motorola, Nokia and Sony.

What wireless services does US Cellular offer?

That services that US Cellular offer are family plans, single line plans, and prepaid plans. Along with messaging plans, data, and more. They work with all kinds of phones and apps.

Can you use a boost sim card in a tmobile phone?

The short answer is no. Boost's newer iDEN phones do use a SIM card that can be used in GSM devices for international roaming but they will not work in GSM devices in the US. Most iDEN phones are not compatible with GSM networks, and GSM phones are not compatible with iDEN networks.

What phones can you use on us cellular us cellular?

The only good PDA Phone I have found with U.S Cellular is the Motorola Q (Still not very good, no touch screen or wifi).

How do you use a US Cellular SIM card in another phone?

US Cellular uses CDMA technology, not GSM, so, their phones do not use SIM cards.

Can you use any Sprint phone with the carrier US Cellular as long as the phone is on a CDMA Network?

Since 7/15/03, US Cellular will NOT activate a phone unless it is US Cellular-sourced. That merely means that it was originally sold by US Cellular or an authorized agent. It does NOT mean you have to buy the phone from a US Cellular store. You CAN buy a phone from a friend, eBay, or wherever, but it MUST be US Cellular-branded. Also, phones can be direct-purchased from some manufacturer's, most notably Motorola. They will ask you who you're carrier is, and ship the phone US Cellular-branded. These phones can be activated.

Where can you go to get discount prices on Cell Phones?

you could go to US cellular or Verizon

How are US cellular phones better than other countries cellular phones?

There are no inherent benefits in using a cell phone from the US, as identical models are available in other countries, however, it might be cheaper. Any benefits come from the carrier.

Why are mobile phones are named cell phones?

Because they use cellular technology. They are still called mobile phones in some countries and even by some people in the US.

Which phones work in US?

.... the phones that are there after you enter an American zip code are the ones that work in Us. :)

Will my us cellular phone function in Thailand?

Yes it will because in Thailand they use the same signal frequency than in the US so that means that US phones work there. You should only worry about the fees that will be more expensive.

Do HTC phones work in the US?


Do American phones work in England?

American cell phones do work in England as long as they are dual or tri-band handsets. Very cheap US cell phones do not generally work overseas. CDMA (Sprint/Verizon) No unless its a dual mode device with a SIM installed that's active GSM (TMobile/AT&T) Yes providing its a 900/1800/2100 band phone. Cheaper handsets from TMobile/AT&T are usually only dual band 850/1900 phones Remember also that Europe uses 220-240v mains not 110-120 that used in the US You can purchase one in England. Prepaid handsets start from US$20 and usually if you buy from a car phone warehouse they do not have a SIM LOCK installed so you can use nearly any SIM card

Who is in the US cellular commercials?

Joan Cusack acted in a number of US Cellular commercials, but her work for the company has ended.

Does tmobile UK work in the US?

Tmobile UK may work in the United States of America, but for best results ask your mobile service provider in order to know. Many cell phone companies have international plans now.

Are good deals available on android phones?

There are a variety of android phones available for deals at either verizon wireles and at US cellular. I believe you can also get Android phones at your local Sprint store.

Where can one find reviews of cellular phones for the Verizon network?

Someone can find reviews of cellular phones for the Verizon network from a number of websites such as Amazon. Amazon offers numerous reviews of cellphones offered by various US networks.

Do you have to buy a cell phone from US Cellular if that is who your plan is through or can you buy one from some other company and use it?

No, you do NOT have to purchase a replacement phone from US Cellular. I have included a link below to an online cell phone store that sells US Cellular cell phones. Hope this helps.

What is the password for us-cellular phones voice mail?

Impossible to answer ! Every user will have their ownpassword for their voicemail !

Do mobile phones work in US?

Yes mobile phones work in USA, in fact USA has the largest network of these wireless devices in the world.

Do American phones work in Canada?

no you cant us usa phones canada different plan and system

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