Will The Rock come back

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Various answers on the Rock's return:
  • According to, The Rock's only match was at WM XX. He will not comeback to the WWE until 2005 due to his amazing Hollywood schedule.
  • He has come back on occasion, for example to help Eugene. He does have a tight movie schedule, but Wrestling is his #1. (Besides his wife)
  • He comes back every once and a while. If he has something to say to someone and wants to say it to their face then he'll definitely come back one night to say it. But every once and a while he comes back.
  • The Rock said on that he wants to come back to challenge for the World Title. He said he is waiting for the call from WWE Chiefs.
  • No, not as full-time wrestler, but he'll randomly show up, to keep the fans believing he will.
  • No, he will not come baack as a wrestler. You might catch hime once every couple of years making a rare apperance to bring excitement back to wrestling, but his movie career has taken-off too far, and he no longer is under WWE contract.
  • The Rock is in "semi-retirement" due to his movies. WWE brings him back if they need him.
  • he was going to wrestle sting at wrestlemaina 21
  • No he's done with the wwe hes now all into movies he didn't sign a new contract with the wwe
  • yes he is now under contract with wwe and will be coming back soon
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I think he needs to come back to and put ROMAM Reign in check and show him who the real tribal Chief
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Q: Will The Rock come back
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