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Various answers on the Rock's return:
  • According to, The Rock's only match was at WM XX. He will not comeback to the WWE until 2005 due to his amazing Hollywood schedule.
  • He has come back on occasion, for example to help Eugene. He does have a tight movie schedule, but Wrestling is his #1. (Besides his wife)
  • He comes back every once and a while. If he has something to say to someone and wants to say it to their face then he'll definitely come back one night to say it. But every once and a while he comes back.
  • The Rock said on that he wants to come back to challenge for the World Title. He said he is waiting for the call from WWE Chiefs.
  • No, not as full-time wrestler, but he'll randomly show up, to keep the fans believing he will.
  • No, he will not come baack as a wrestler. You might catch hime once every couple of years making a rare apperance to bring excitement back to wrestling, but his movie career has taken-off too far, and he no longer is under WWE contract.
  • The Rock is in "semi-retirement" due to his movies. WWE brings him back if they need him.
  • he was going to wrestle sting at wrestlemaina 21
  • No he's done with the wwe hes now all into movies he didn't sign a new contract with the wwe
  • yes he is now under contract with wwe and will be coming back soon
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Q: Will The Rock come back?
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No, he will not come back to wrestling fulltime. There are rumors that The Rock will return to guest host Raw in June.

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its SAYS on wikipedia the rock will come back on may 4 2009

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its possible that the rock will come back

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the rock is coming back to full time wrestling he has signed a 2 year contract with the wwe and he will be back in 2007 and 2008 so finally the rock has come back two the wwe !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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No he has not.

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The Rock is never coming back to wrestle he gave that up only acting now.

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No. He's now an actor.

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he is tooo old

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Yes he recently came back and he will be staying for a while...

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finaly the rock!! has come back to the W W E

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Probably not, but there is a possibility that The Rock will come back for a special appearance... you never no though?

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of course , the rock should come back because his latest movie is race to witch mountain and he ain't really got anything to do and he is better of in wrestlin coz he probably got better pay!?!The rock could come back but nobody is sure about that. I hope he does though! I just started watching wrestling and my parents tell me about the rock, and i go to you tube to see the rock say his phrases

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Probaly not but he might

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Because the WWE Universe loves him.

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Yes please

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The Rock has recently been in talks with WWE about coming back as a guest host, and maybe more. Watch this space.

Will The Rock come back in 2010?

It is a possibility, The Rock may return to be a guest host of Monday Night Raw.