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No because Totti is wurthless to the Italian team, everybody thinks o totii he is good but he is a spoiled little kid with some times a nice pass

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How do humans effect habitat loss?

they effect there habbitats

Is deforestation a positive or negative effect?

It is a negative effect. The loss of trees in the forest, therefore the loss of forest can result in erosion, loss of habitat, etc.

Is accrued income effect Profit and Loss Account?

yes it do effect it should be credited in your profit and loss a/c

What is the effect in your daily life in our debt?

Loss of freedom Loss of cash flow Loss of time Loss of opportunities

What effect did black Saturday have on the community?

Loss of lives, loss of homes, loss of loved ones, loss of possessions. Financial problems, loss of jobs!

What is The Effect of Computer Hacking?

The effect of computer hacking might include a loss of confidence, loss of money, and even a loss of ID. Computer hacking can also make a company unstable and create a loss of employee information.

Does Adderall cause weight loss?

Adderall contains amphetamine, which has the effect of greatly reducing your appetite, so it often results in weight loss, although it does not cause weight loss as a direct effect

Can dandruff be the cause of hair loss?

No, but it is a side effect of a dry scalp, and THAT is a cause of hair loss.

How does Mercury effect the human body?

Mercury can cause memory loss, loss of coordination, vision problems

What do chemo drugs do?

One effect is that it causes hair loss.

How does crime effect business?

It makes the business run at a loss

How many pomegranates did take per day for weight loss?

Eating pomegranates will not have any effect on weight loss.

What would be the effect of a hypophysectomy on the metabolism?

if patient had high metabolismgain weight .and low metabolism weight loss and hair loss.

What is signal distortion in transmission lines?

there are some distortion in transmission line : copper loss,dielectric loss,skin effect

Difference between shock loss and friction loss?

Friction loss is the loss of energy that occurs in pipe flow due to viscous effects generated by the surface of the pipe. Shock loss is an huge loss that causes an adverse effect on an insurerâ??s assets.

Does weight loss effect your period?

That depends on your eating and exercise habits.

How did the Persian war effect Greeks?

It caused loss of life and devastation.

How does skoal effect you?

It can cause tooth loss, decay, and mouth cancer

What actors and actresses appeared in The Stop-Loss Effect - 2007?

The cast of The Stop-Loss Effect - 2007 includes: Laura Castle as Samantha Mitchell Matthew Prater as Eric McClure

What are the effect of to destruction of the rain forest in Brazil?

The effect are the animales have no habit and that we would loss 20% of the earth air for Brazil.

Does salt block weight loss?

Salt causes you to retain liquids ,such as water, so in a way yes it does effect your weight loss.

What effect would the loss of a producer have on the ecosystem?

A loss of a producer means that there will be less food for consumers since producers are the foundation of an ecosystem

Loss of one species from a community has no effect true or false?

Loss of one species from a community has a large effect. This is because this can cause major changes in food webs and chains and can cause other organisms to die.

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