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HE MIGHT DO AN ACTION MOVIE INVOLVING MOTORCYCLES SINCE HE LOVES MOTORCYCLES. THERE'S BEEN A RUMOR SAYING HE MIGHT BE A VILLIAN FOR A MARVEL COMIC MOVIE, MAYBE X-MEN OR Spider-Man.HE MIGHT PLAY APOCALYPSE OR VENOM most likely not, even though undertaker has appeared in movies the WWE are focusing on superstars like the rock and John Cena, but hey anythings possible, i hope they make a movie about the undertaker, like a new marvel hero. that would be awesome He will be staring in Suburban Commando 2 just as soon as Hulk Hogan finishes writing the script. Yes he will but probaly a rated R film for Violence

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โˆ™ 2005-10-28 00:26:38
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Q: Will Undertaker ever do another movie?
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