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Q: Will United Health insurance cover the delivery of a second child when your first delivery was considered 'high risk' due to c-section?
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Is hospitalization insurance considered health insurance?

Yes, it is. It could fall on either life or health insurance - that is if you have either.

Who is considered an insurance health individual?

There are many different varieties of people who are considered insurance health individuals. These people include, but are not limited to, people who purchase health insurance individually, and those that purchase it for an individual.

Can health indemnity plans be considered a form of health insurance?


What has the author Paul R DeMuro written?

Paul R. DeMuro has written: 'The financial manager's guide to managed care & integrated delivery systems' -- subject(s): Health Insurance, Health Services, Health services administration, Insurance, Health, Managed Care Programs, Managed care plans (Medical care), Medical care, Organization & administration, Economics, Health insurance, Fees and Charges, Integrated Delivery of Health Care

How a non US citizen can get health insurance to cover her baby delivery costs?

AnswerGet a job with insurance ... I've got two, they're out there.

Is in many other countries health insurance is considered as a part of life insurance?

In India, LIC of India sells health policy viz., Jeevan Arogya. But technically, health insurance policy comes within the purview of general insurance. Star Health & Allied Insurance Co.Ltd. in the general insurance sectors sells only Health insurance polcies.

What is health care delivery?

The delivery of health care.

What kind of company is Competitive Insurance?

Competetive Insurance is the theory of health care delivery services that holds that the quality and efficiency of such services would improve if independent groups had to compete for health care consumers.

What are the four major components of the us health care delivery system?

Four components make up the current healthcare system; financing, insurance, delivery and payment.

How do I go about searching for someone to allow me to marry them for a fee so I can be covered under his health insurance plan?

I think what you are suggesting is considered fraud by the insurance company and you would get free health insurance in prison.

Can a female get individual health insurance and immediately get a hysterectomy?

If it's considered a "pre-existing condition" the insurance won't pay for it.

Can health insurance pay for liposuction?

Liposcution prices mostly likely will not be impacted by health insurance. Many liposuction procedures are considered cosmetic and not required for the overall health of the patient and therefore not related to health insurance.