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It depends on how cold your ice is. A salty mixture will lower the melting point of water to a certain extend, just like when cities put salt on the roads in winter to remove ice, your vinegar will do something alike. However, if your ice is too cold it won't do anything, it will actually freeze itself.

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Q: Will Vinegar melt ice
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Does vinegar melt ice faster or ice?

yes it does

Will vinegar melt an ice cube faster or water?


Does vinegar melt ice in 2 seconds?

Under normal conditions vinegar is a liquid and so does not need to melt.

Does an ice cube melt faster with salt or vinegar?

it melt faster with salt

What will melt ice faster vinegar or salt?


Does vinegar melt ice?

Yes, it defrosts ice from windshields very easily.

Will ice melt faster in vinegar vegetable oil or water?

Question: Does Ice dissolve faster in water, Saltwater, or vinegar?To me it would be the saltwater because salt melts ice and so therefore ice would melt faster in saltwater.

How does vinegar melt ice?

The salty mixture helps. Salt is a good ingredient for melting ice.

Does ice melt faster in vinegar or water?

vinegar, because it is acidic and therefore has a higher concentration of ions

Can pearl melt in vinegar?

Yes they do melt in vinegar

Does ice melt faster in warm water salt water or vinegar water?


Does pearl melt in vinegar?

yes, natural pearls can melt in vinegar.

How long does it take to melt an ice cube in different liquids like vinegar?

one minute

What makes ice in vinegar melt faster than ice in water?

According to my experiments, ice melts faster in water than in vinegar. It takes roughly twice as long to melt in vinegar than water when both the vinegar and water are at room temperature. I think the reason is vinegar is slightly more dense than water and what happens is as the ice melts in vinegar it forms a cool layer of water in the surface. The ice floats so it's in contact with the cool layer. When ice is in water, as the ice melts, the melted water is cooler an denser and drops to the bottom, so the ice floating in water is always in contact with a warmer layer of water.

What is the fastest way to melt an ice cube?

I've concluded that the fastest way to melt an ice cube is to put hot water ,adobo seasoning,salt and pepperseasoning,salt,pepper, and vinegar will melt it in 23.1 seconds or use a Flamethrower

Which would melt more ice?

ice would melt but by what? are you comparing it to ice and icecream ?but ice would melt

Does ice with ice melt on it melt fast?


How does flour melt ice?

No, flour does not melt ice

What animals that melt ice?

Animals do not melt ice.

What cooking ingredient will melt pearls?

Vinegar will melt pearls.

Will vinegar melt an ice cube faster or vegetable oil?

Assuming that the vinegar and oil are at the same temperature to begin with. And that the two cases of ice are of the same volume and temperature in each case. The vinegar will melt the ice fater as there is a net gain (negetive increase) of energy when the two are mixed. (mixing in this case is still valid even though the ice is solid. There is contact at the surface level) As oil and water are mutually insoluable there is no reaction and no heat released.

Is rock salt the same as ice melt?

Ice melt and rock salt are both used to melt ice, but they are different things. The catalyst in ice melt is calcium chloride. Ice melt generates heat immediately when poured on ice.

What happens if you melt an ice cube?

it will become water If you melt an ice cube it will melt

Is corundum used to melt ice or as an abrasive?

To melt ice

Is salt the same as ice melt?

no, but ice melt is a salt