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yes... the mounts are the same... just make sure you get the ECU to go with the AWP.... and you also need the fly by wire (DBW(digital throttle control)(or you could use your cable throttle body.) and if you would like more air flow.. use the AEB head.... the ports are bigger... and has more space to move air...


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Fit, maybe. Work without extensive modifications, no.Fit, maybe. Work without extensive modifications, no.

No.Not with out major modifications.No.Not with out major modifications.

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Yes it will fit with many modifications.

anything will will fit with modifications..

not without major modifications.not without major modifications.

Not without modifications, in some cases extreme modifications.

Yes. You may have to make some modifications, but it will fit.

No, it will not fit without major modifications.

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Not without major modifications.

The fenders are not a direct bolt on....but with a few modifications you can get them to fit.

Not on a stock vehicle. With modifications to the suspension they will fit.

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Sadly, They Won't. The Beetle is a 5x100 mm Bolt Pattern, the Passat is 5X112.

You can change the wheels to a 17" without modifications.

It is possible to fit an M5R1 in place of an A4LD engine. This can be done with certain modifications.

Yes, it will fit. By fit, I mean fit in the engine bay. You will have to make modifications.

Yes, it will fit in the engine compartment. But it will require major modifications and changing out all the computer hardware including the ECU. My advice is to find a V6 which will fit with no modifications at all.

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