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Will a 1985 non turbo transmission work on a 1985 turbo motor?

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well i see why not... the only thing you got to change is it the clutch since its different teeth... and if you are putting the turbo transmission in the N/A car and its a 2+2 (four seater) leave the drive shaft.. its slightly longer than the turbo drive shaft well that's it.. good luck buddy


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What transmission will fit a 350 motor on a 1987 Monte Carlo?

Turbo 400 it's a 4 speed will it still work?

What transmission will fit a 1977 camaro 350 engine?

I have a 350 turbo in mine Just about any transmission will work! Powerglide, Turbo 350 (lockup or non) or Turbo 400, even 700r4.

Will a blow off valve work on a diesel turbo motor?


Will a turbo cylinder head for a 92 eagle talon turbo work on a 92 talon non-turbo motor?


Will a turbo 350 transmission work with a 1993 350 motor?

NO. If the 93 is a 3/4 ton then it MUST have the 4L80E put in it. If it is a 1/2 ton then it MUST have the 4L60E put in it.

Will a turbo 350 transmission work for a Chevy 4.3 V6?

yep, of course

Will a transmission from a 1985 work in a 1996 Tahoe there both a 700r4?

No it will not because the96 Tahoe has a 4L60E electronic transmission in it. The 85 transmission is not a electronic transmission. WILL not WORK.

You have a 1987 300zx non turbo you want to convert the car to turbo but can you buy a twin turbo motor and will it mount up the same or would it be easier to convert a regular 30 L v6 to turbo?

You would have a clearance issue as stated before. Either way your going to have to do electrical and cutting work. You'll have to make more room whether you turbocharge the motor now or swap the motor with a twin-turbo one. You'll also either buy a reprogrammable ECU for the twin-turbo motor to work with the transmission and harness you have now or a stand-alone fuel management system so you can turbo charge the motor you have now. You'll need to adjust your shift points, air-to-fuel ratio, induction psi, etc. The cost of a motor-swap is about $3000. $1500 for a used twin-turbo motor from Ebay and $1500 for the ECU. The motor comes with: complete engine, turbos, all brackets and sensors, exhaust manifold, ECU, Intake manifold, power steering pump, ac compressor. The cost to turbo the motor you have now is about $4500. $3,000 for the turbonetics turbo kit and $1500 for the fuel-management system. Not to mention if you have to change your intake system, O2 system, fuel rail, exhaust system.

Will a 350 turbo transmission fit a 1992 GMC that has a 700R4?

Yes it will fit and it will work

Would a later model transmission 1990 or newer work in a 1985 silverado without the computer plugged into the transmission?

No it will not work.

How do you time turbo on 2001 Isuzu npr need repair?

i have 2001 isuzu npr motor 4he1 i need wow the turbo no work

Can a Turbo 350 Transmission bolt onto an Oldsmobile 455?

yes you can... would not recommend doing so... if the motor is stock it may work fine. when you start to add horses you need to move up to a Turbo 400. but to answer your question you can put a 350 tranny on a olds 455

Will the transmission of a 4G63 work on a 4G63T?

The transmission from a 4g63 will work on a4g63t whether it is standard or automatic however the standard transmission from the non-turbo engine will have a different final gear ratio than the turbo model. The automatic transmission from any model is essentially the same save the AWD model which has a secondary output shaft for the transfer case.

Does a turbo work on a automatic transmission?

The type of induction an engine uses is not directly relevant to its transmission type. In other words the engine can be naturally aspirated, turbo or supercharged and use an automatic, manual, cvt etc.

Will a turbo 400 transmission work for a Chevy 4.3 V6?

Yes but it will need a vacuume source and check the flywheel, I think a 400 is over kill for a 4.3 the 400 is a strong trans and the 4.3 is a weak motor.

Will a 1990 300zx twin turbo trans work in a 1990 300zx non turbo motor?

the only thing different would the internals of the trans the turbo trans is a heavy duty trans.

How does a jigsaw motor work?

Like any other electric motor, and a transmission gives it the reciprocal action.

Do you have to drain the oil in your motor to work on transmission on a 99 S80 Volvo?


Will a turbo 350 transmission bolt up to a Chevy big block 454?

Any Chevy transmission will bolt to any Chevy motor. At least RWD. 1955 to current. A 454 should really have a 400 transmission but a 350 will work. Depending on what you are putting it in there may be an issue with the driveshaft length and the yoke that goes into the trans.

Will a 1985 Cadillac Seville motor work in a 1972 Cadillac Seville?


Will a dohc head work on a 92 Mazda mx6 turbo motor?

no Oil galleries do not line up

You got a 93 eagle talon dual over cam non turbo and you want to swap the motor from your 1990 eagle talon tsi turbo what all do you have to swap other than the motor?

well you really don't have to swap for the tsi motor. you can get all the turbo parts(turbo, manifold, piping, intercooler, ect.) and they will work with the NA motor but you will need the turbo injectors and fuel pump and some sort of air/fuel management. the APexi AFC is a good one and you can get one off of eBay for around $100.

Can you use the v8 transmission on a v6 Chevy silverado?

i have a transmission i took off of a v8 350 motor and i wanna put it in a v6 motor. will it work? both are automatics

Your 1987 Nissan 300zx non turbo 5sp needs a transmission but you can not find one will a transmission out of another year model work?

Yes it will find one that is a 86 to a 88 or 89 will work for you.

What motor will fit in your 1995 esi talon?

420A non turbo 2.0 or can put tsi motor in it but involves alot of time work and money