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Shouldn't be a problem. The only thing you want to make sure of is in the end of the crankshaft on the manual motor there should be a pilot bushing that centers the shaft of the manual transmission. This has to be removed so that the center of the torque converter on the automatic can go into the space.

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AT fluid for a 1990 Honda prelude?

If the Prelude is an automatic, yes, you use automatic transmission fluid. If it's a manual, there's manual transmission fluid. As much as possible, purchase the manufacturer (Honda) branded transmission fluid.

What can you replace a A4LD automatic transmission with?

if you're looking to replace your automatic with manual the only option is the 91-94 Mazda Navajo's manual.

Where can you find a diagram on how to replace valve covers on a 93 prelude?

The diagram on how to replace valve covers on a 1993 Honda Prelude can be found in the service manual. If you do not have a copy of the service manual, Honda can provide itÊupon inquiry.

Do a1986 Honda accord and Honda Prelude have the same tramission?

They do if it is an automatic transmission. The Prelude (except Si) has the same manual transmission as well. The Prelude Si has a slightly different manual transmission, but it will still fit into a 1986-1989 Accord.

Can you use a manual turbo in a automatic?

a turbocharger works on the engine only, it does not matter if the gearbox is manual or automatic

I need to replace the engine and transmission in my 92 Subaru loyale what other years and models will fit?

Any transmission that is bolted to the same engine number. My subaru has an ea82 engine so any transmission that is bolted to an ea82 engine will fit. It has to be the same as far as automatic replacing automatic. Manual replacing manual.

Can you replace a 99 Subaru outback 2.5l non turbo manual engine with an automatic Subaru outback engine?

Though it could be technically possible, it's probably not financially responsible. It would likely cost more than an automatic 1999 Subaru Outback with a rebuilt engine. The main problem would be in changing it from manual to automatic. Or, there are no automatic/manual "engine's", the engine IS separate from the transmission, this is an easy swap provided you have th skills, the wiring harness and ECU will need to be swapped as well.

Where is the drain plug for a 99 Nissan Altima?

wich one radiator, engine or transmission (manual or automatic)... wich one radiator, engine or transmission (manual or automatic)...

Can you convert manual transmission to automatic transmission?

Converting a manual transmission to automatic transmission is not possible but you can replace a manual transmission to an automativ transmission . That is also an expensive deal.

Is it legal to replace automatic slack adjusters with manual slack adjusters?

Where I live if the truck was manufactured with automatic slack adjusters you can NOT replace them with manual ones. Check with your local DOT you never know.

Is there any difference between a manual and automatic engine?

there isn't a difference cause theres no such thing as a automatic or manual engine. there is such thing as a manual transmission aka trans. and a automatic trans. the automatic shifts by hydrolic pressure that increases when acclurating. and a manual trans the person driving the vehical shifts the gears with a lever. i hope that's what you wanted to know.

Is it safe to replace automatic transmission with manual?

If done by a competent mechanic.

What is the difference between an automatic and Manual engine?

There really aren't automatic or manual engines, but there are manual and automatic transmissions - gear boxes. Automatics don't need shifting as you pick up speed going forward, but manuals do.

Different specs 4G15 engine manual and automatic?

Most definatly its automatic...i think...if i spelled that right

Why doesn't my car go into gear with engine running?

manual or automatic?

Can you replace an automatic transmission fly wheel with a manual one?

No, they are designed differently.

Are BMWs available with both automatic and manual transmissions?

BMWs are only available with manual transmissions at purchase. However, automatic transmissions may replace manual. There are only a few automatic transmissions which may be used in a BMW, so it is an expensive process.

Can you turn an automatic transmission into a 5 speed manual and how much would it cost?

No! You can replace it with a manual, but an A/T cannot be converted.

Engine squealing but car will not move?

if its a manual sounds like the clutch no it is an automatic

Where is the transmission cooler line on a 1988 Honda Prelude?

If it is a manual transmission you do not have transmission cooler lines. If its an automatic they will be on one side of the radiator and you can follow them to the tranny from there.

Did the 305 engine in a 1991 camaro z-28 have an automatic transmission?

It could have an automatic or 5-speed manual

What is the weight of a Chevrolet LS1 engine?

Chevy LS1 459(automatic) 503(manual)

Can you swap out an engine that came out of an automatic car and swap it in a car with a manual transmission?

of course you can!

Can you install a manual tran in automatic car?

As long as it will mate with engine & you have all the parts.

What type of transmission for a 2001 Honda Prelude?

It came in both traditional manual transmission and sequential "SportShift", which is automatic transmission that has a shifter that allows for upshifts and downshifts.