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Will a 1989 CRX headlight fit into a 1989 Civic Hatchback?


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2012-07-15 20:59:26
2012-07-15 20:59:26

Yes. Just switch the headlight brackets out.(remove the headlight bracket from the CRX headlight/ install the CIVIC headlight bracket on the CRX headlight.

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According to the Kelley Blue Book website, power steering came standard only in the Si Hatchback, LX Sedan, and 4WD Wagon. All other models (Hatchback, DX Hatchback, CRX HF Hatchback, CRX Hatchback, DX Sedan, Wagon, and Wagovan) had it as an option only. In my opinion, the 1989 civic does not need power steering. The tires are narrow, the car is light, and the steering wheel is big enough that the only reason you would want power steering is if your civic had been pimped out with fat tires.

No. The Civic seat rails are different.

Only if the civic is a hatch, sedans have longer hoods. civic hatch and crx hoods are interchangable.

Try perhaps a trusty Honda manual for sizes then to a dealership to purchase them, this would probably be your best bet.

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Yes, it will fit, as they are both D-series motors. However the 95 Civic has a hydraulic clutch, and the 90 crx is just a cable clutch. Also, the 90 CRX motor is OBD0 and the 95 Civic is OBD1.

see this wikianswer page, the CRX and the DX are almost the same, http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_do_you_replace_the_thermostat_located_on_a_1989_Honda_CRX

Yes, I have a 86 crx si and the one I have is from a 88-91 civic/crx. any ? contact me at sconesnbones@comcast.net for any info...

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yes easy job. civic and crx are the same once you dont go over 95 civics

The fuel pressure on a 1989 CRX is between 40 and 42 psi. This is a common pressure range for most vehicles.

depending on if the gas lines are close to it and where it bolts to the headers

Should, but you need to swap the seat pans

If it's the Civic CRX 1.5Ltr engine code EW3the head bolts can be reused

Honda CRX was built from Honda Civic platform and shared many components with the Civic. All Honda CRX models have a mechanical fuel pump that can be easily located within the engine bay, making fuel-pump replacement much easier than on some newer cars.?æ

Gas tank capacity of an 88 Civic DX and CRX Si is 45 litres or 11.9 Gallons...

depends on the trim but anywhere from 1800 to 1900+ lbs without driver.

no not when I tried it on my 88 std. found a crx front bumper w/ oem lip at junkyard (unknown model year) will not line up

any 1.6liter Honda civic fuel pump

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