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No they should not fit, 1990 is a YJ, and 1998 is a TJ

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No, the full doors and half doors seal the same to the hard top.

I shouldn't, 1990 is a YJ and the 97 is a TJ.

Yes, 1987-1996 are all YJ Wrangler body types...doors, tops, fenders etc. are interchangable within those years.

YJ Wrangler doors and CJ-7 doors interchange. Just make sure the latch mechanisms on the doors and the strikers on the body are the same style. CJ-7 and YJ Wrangler hard tops interchange.

yes, all cj7 doors and hard tops will fit jeep yjs

No. The Wrangler has several changes, windshield width, body width, etc.

No you will have to buy the hard top conversion for your doors. The soft top style will not work with a hard top. Wiofe had the same year as you but had hard top doors. You my be able to find them in a junk yard though. Good luck

Do you have the full hard doors or is the top halk of the door the same fabric as the soft top? full doors

my jeep wrangler is starting to have a hard time to start in the mornings? my jeep wrangler is starting to have a hard time to start in the mornings?

I just purchsed a hard top to compliment my soft top 1/2 door 04 wrangler with a hard top. In so doing I found that the half doors and skins were not compatible withhard top... The good news is I can use the soft top with the full doors. I had to buy bracket that mount to the roll-bar to secure the soft top over the full door. The braket fastens to the bar with a large spin that is hand tightned.

Salvage yard is a good place to start looking. You can also find them on Ebay Motors.

yes, it should 1997 through 2006 wrangler hard tops are interchangeable (excluding the limited longer version wrangler with the regular size- obviously)

Yes they can. Iron doors are very hard but not hard enough.....

Visit for all your wrangler needs.

It shoud fit but, the wiring for the wiper is not compatible.

There never was a 1996 Wrangler. 1997 to 2006 will fit.

Not exactly. The body styles are different. A 1991 Jeep Wrangler is a YJ as a 1999 is a TJ. t

Its not to hard just some turns can be hard to get the torx bolts that hold it in place.

Not a good fit, rollbars tub rails, and doors will be different. You can swap cj and yj, but not yj and tj.

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