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yes.. most parts are good thru years 1989 - 1995.. He is correct, the only parts that are different are the engines, the transmissions, and the headlights. Most simple parts that dont relate to those should work.

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Yes! If you have a zipout window. It will require top half open. Then the lower panel removal, re-stapling of the new meterial to the panel. Good luck tight fit.

Replacing a windshield on a modern car is not a DIY job, besides, a broken windshields are covered by your insurance with no deductible. Call a Automobile glass replacement service and have them replace it.

The rear windows on a 1979 Super Beetle convertible are replaced by prying away the rubber molding holding the glass in place. The glass can then be slowly lifted away before new sealant and glass is installed.

how do you replace the drivers window clips on the glass od a 1995 grand prix se 2 door?

need to remove top .rear glass comes attached to a black piece that attaches to frame and rear of convertible storage area .It is a job .You have to remove screws and staples and then screw and staple back in .If you are set on doing it ,I would suggest to get an instruction guide from where they sell rear glass window assemblies or convertible tops Careful when you put top back on,material is old and rip easily when stretching and stapling. I replaced my rear glass .I cut a rear glass from a junk yard .I set glass in black frame There is a groove {about an inch and half wide) I put 3M Windshield Sealant in the groove and set window in groove .I,then put Scotch Black Duct tape around glass and black vinyl piece (both inside and outside) It works and no leaks Again The trick was The Scotch Duct Tape The Black one sticks and seals the best .I tried the clear and grey,but they don't stick as well. Good luck

Unless the glass is broken then there is no reason to remove it. If you have a problem it is possibly the motor or regulator.

No, it is made from stone, steel, and glass.

Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre - 1963 The Shattered Glass 2-9 was released on: USA: 11 December 1964

PL Premium, available in small tube or caulk style tube in Home Depot.

On the top left and right corners are two levers. Put them inwards, this will disengage the hook on the bottom part of the latches and it will allow the centering posts to come out of their holes. After that use the top button in the middle of the consol between the driver and passenger seats. BE SURE there is NOTHING in the top receiviing area when it goes down. It can cause the top to twist or break the glass. After the top goes all the way in you have to manually tuck the material into the receiving area the cover with the boot. Don't attempt to raise the roof with the boot cover still attached.

i couldn't find a diagram....the only diagram that you can get is when you purchase a cable kit from your local dealer and all it shows is the cable diagram for the pulley system....although replacing the quarter panel is very simple....just remove top 2 bolts and bottom bolt and remove after pulling the plug in to the motor.

Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre - 1963 The Game with Glass Pieces 1-26 was released on: USA: 1 May 1964

Does the surrounding fabric require replacement? If your just replacing the glass you may be able to un-zip it and swap it.

you can buy just the glass mirror part at most auto part stores its held on with silicon

on the drivers side of the dash under the windshield glass.

It is probably embedded in the rear window glass. In convertible models I believe it is inside the passenger door.

There is one in each door. That is the framework that pushes the glass up and down.

all you have to do is pry it off by hands ,but be very carefull not to crack the glass and when the glass pops off unclip the wiring harness for the mirror

The Carrera has coupe (hardtop) and cabriolet (convertible, fabric roof) trims. A Targa is a semi-convertible: older models had a removable roof section. Recent models (starting from the 993, in 1996) have glass roofs with the body of the Cabriolets, instead of the latter's fabric.

Honda has a competitive price for their OEM tops. Check out $789.35 (w/glass) OEM as compared to $749.00 aftermarket.

tRY YOUR LOCAL AUTO GLASS STORE. The best replacement windows are from BMW. There is a person who sells replacement convertible windows on ebay. I have used his products with success on E30 325ic but never tried his windows for the E36 325. local auto glass buisness was able to cut the old plastic out and instll new plastic, much cheaper than a whole new roof.

drivers side dash board right above the hood. look where your drivers side mirror attaches to the body, then work your way across the hood looking where the glass meets the body

Yes, this is true. Heated glass goes through both a chemical and physical change. As it cools, it again goes through both a chemical and physical change.Consider the types of changes that the substance "glass" goes through during glassblowing. This is a wonderful video from the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio.

It should be on the dash board on the drivers side right under the windshield glass.

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