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Yes. Edit, yes, but if you are dealing with a swap from the SOHC to a DOHC other parts are needed like the motor mount and ECM.

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Q: Will a 1991 Geo Storm 1.6 L engine fit into a 1990 Geo Storm 1.6 L car?
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Where is the IAT sensor located on a 1991 Geo Storm?

rear of engine compartment near the bulkhead

How do you 1990 Geo storm?

Very carefully!

Where is the starter on a 1991 Geo Storm?

On the 1.6L sohc starter is between the engine and fire wall. By the oil filter.

Will a 1995 geo storm engine fit in a 1991 geo storm?

Geo Storm was manufactured from 1990-1993. Two engines were available the 1600cc SOHC and the 1600cc DOHC while it is possible to switch between one style engine for the other it is rather involved. Other sources for these engines are the Isuzu Stylus for the SOHC or the DOHC or the Isuzu Impulse XS for the DOHC. The Isuzu Impulse RS was a DOHC Turbo which requires considerable modification to install.

Will a 1993 Geo Storm motor fit a 1991 Geo Tracker?


What is the timing on a 1990 geo storm?

Answer: The ignition timing on a 1990 Geo Storm is 10 degrees BTDC. This applies to both the SOHC and DOHC 1.6L engines.

Does the 1991 geo storm have a syphon guard?

Yes, it does.

What fault code reader do you recommend for a 1991 GEO Storm with 1.6L engine?

there is a answer on Edited: No there isn't. That's spam.

Why engine doesn't run after changing timing belt and water pump engine has spark and fuel 1990 geo storm gsi?

Did it run before?

What is the firing order on the cap of the distributor for a 1991 geo storm?

Knowing the firing order can help a person troubleshoot engine problems. The firing order for a 1991 Geo Metro is 1-3-4-2.

Where do you add manuel transmission fluid on a 1991 geo storm gsi 5 speed overdrive?

where do you add manuel transmission fluid on a 1991 geo storm 5 speed

How many qts of oil for geo storm 1990?

1.6 Liter engine requires 3.2 quarts with oil/filter change.

Is the 1990 geo storm gsi a 4 cylinder?

All Geo Storms are 4 cylinder

Where is the voltage regulator on 1991 Geo storm?

Inside the alternator

Will a 85 geo metro engine work in 95 geo metro?

If its from 85 then its NOT a geo metro engine. It is probably a Chevrolet Sprint engine because they only started making Geos in 88. If you need an engine for your 95 Geo then you could use one of the following: 1991 - 1995 Geo Metro engine. 1991 - 1995 Suzuki Swift Engine, and 1991 - 1995 Pontiac FireFly engine. Hope this helps :)

What is the firing order for a 1990 Geo Storm?

1,3,2,4 that is the firing order.

What is the fuel injector resistance spec on a 1991 geo storm gsi?

12.7 storm and 1.2 gsi

Can a new clutch for 1990 geo storm break in two days?

i want to know if a new clutch was put in a 1990 geo storm can it break in half in two days just driving arount town

Where is the oil filter located on a 1991 Geo Storm Coupe?

under the plenum.

Where is the starter in a 1991 Geo Storm?

Follow the pos battery cable. It is at the end.

Who manufacturers the engine in a 1990 Geo Tracker?


What is the firing order for a 1991 Geo Storm?

1-3-4-2. If you are looking at the distributor cap from the driver side of the engine, the rotor goes counterclockwise.

What type of freon does a 1990 geo storm use?

Was built for R12, can be converted to R134a.

Who made the engine for the 1991 Geo Prism?

I believe Chevrolet

Will a 92 Geo Metro engine fit into a 93 geo storm?

It should. To better check, go to local parts store and check the Haines should be for both Geo Metro and Geo Storm, just check that is bolts up the same.