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Will a 1993 Probe transmission fit a 1994 Probe?


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2009-06-20 18:00:52
2009-06-20 18:00:52

yes, yes it will. like a glove! 92-97 probe transmissions will fit as well as 92-97 MX6 transmissions. The MX6 one has a higher final gear ratio and is faster. Mazda 626 will also work...


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A transmission from a 1993 Toyota pickup will fit into a 1994 Toyota pickup. The Toyota transmission will not fit in to other makes and models of pickups.

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assuming they are the same engine/transmission configuration (ie: 4cyl automatic or 6cpy standard or 4cyl standard or 6 cyl automatic) they are the same and should be interchangeable

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Yes,but the 93 and 94 enginges are obd1,while the 95-97 are obd2.

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A 4L60E, the only years that will work are 1993 and 1994.

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