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no....1997 to 2006 excluding unlimited longer wheelbase model

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The 1997 wrangler or jeep hardtop can be replaced by any jeep hardtop from 1997 to 2005. The answer is most probably that a 1995 hardtop will NOT fit a 1997 TJ.

No, TJ and YJ tops are not interchangeable

yes, any top for an 1987-1995 can be switched out

It should fit.There were no 1996 year wranglers. YJs made in 96 were sold as 1995 models.The TJ body started in 1997.

1987-1995 jeep wranglers ... I'm pretty sure they'll fit the CJ7s as well. But I know they WILL NOT fit TJs or JKs.

No the 1995 is a YJ and the 2002 is a TJ and need different tops

No, the 95 is a YJ and the 2003 is a TJ, they changed it enough for it not to be a good fit.

Not unless you're good at "gerry rigging." The YJ and the TJ have different body styles.

should be a direct fit got a 2000 a friend has a 02 borrowed my ht for a trip went on fine

It should fit as long as neither one is an unlimited

No it will not, jeep refined the overall shape in 2006 i beleive, making it impossible to fit the new hardtop on.

The hard top is interchangable for those model years. Simply swap the hardware and then install the hard top.

Yes they should both have the 5x4.5 bolt pattern

The CJ and YJ tubs are the same. So yes it will fit.

yes, from what ive seen it should with little to no modifications.

No that will not work, the YJ top mounts differently than the TJ top.

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