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Will a 1999 Chevy Tahoe 4x4 transmission fit into a 2003 Tahoe?


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2011-01-26 20:48:37
2011-01-26 20:48:37

IT will if the 99 is the NEW body design if not then the 99 transmission will not even begin to bolt up to the 2003 engine.

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Yes, they both use the 4L60E transmission.

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It will if the 99 is the new body style. But if the 99 body looks like all the other bodys from 99 down then NO it will not work.

NO, it won't even bolt up to the engine block. In the late month of 1999 chevy REDESIGNED all the transmissions and engines. nothing under the year of 1999 will interchange with anything above 1999

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You can if the 99 is the new body design / nother words the 99 body will look like the 2003 body. In LATE 1999 chevy REDESIGNED all there engines and transmissions and NOTHING will interchange from 1999 down to late 1999 and up.

Yes, it will fit perfectly. Both years used the GM 4L60-E transmission.

Need to know what the question is.

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