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No, headlights are different

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Q: Will a 2004-2005 Honda civic front bumper fit on a 2003 without changing headlights?
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How do you replace the old headlights with euro style you need to remove the front bumper and clip?

well i had to pull my front bumper off to put the headlights on. I have a 1997 prelude so i don't know what year you have but i would guess the front bumper will have to come off.

How do you remove the headlights on a 97 Eclipse?

take off ur bumper and then u can get to the other bolts on the headlights

How Remove headlights 2005 mustang?

take off the bumper

Can you install a 1997 eclipse front bumper on a 95?

Yes, but your 95 headlights will not fit. You will need headlights from a 97,98, or 99.

Will a 2002 expedition front bumper fit on a 1998 expedition?

No it will not, without modifications. The spacing on the brackets are different. Just bought a 2002 bumper this morning. After changing out the grille, I attempted to put the bumper on the bolts would not line up.

Can the bumper headlights hood radiator and grill from a 2000 Volkswagen Jetta fit on a 2001 Volkswagen Passat?

No, none of those will fit without extensive fabrication.

Do the headlights on a 95 eclipse fit a 97?

The headlights on a 95 and 96 are longer than the 97-99 headlights. For them to fit you ave to change the front bumper as well.

Are headlights with condensation something that can be remedied by the dealer would it be under warranty?

If you are still covered by a bumper to bumper warranty, then yes it may be.

Will a 98 eclipse front bumper fit a 96 eclipse?

Yes you just have to change the headlights from a 1998 to the 1996 with the bumper change.

What are some parts in a vehicle?

Engine, muffler, wheels, brakes, bumper, headlights,

Is it possible to replace vauxhall tigra headlights without removing the front bumper?

Suspect this will be similar to the corsa ones done recently.The bumper doesn't have to come right off,but the fasteners under the front wheelarches need to be removed.This allows the bumper to be "eased"out so the headlamps will clear it. .

How to remove headlights from a Dodge Charger?

The Dodge Charger is a car made by Chrysler, since 1964. To change the headlights on it first remove the bumper, headlight bracket and replace the bulb, then re-install the bracket and bumper.

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