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It would be very strange if moving from 50hz to 60 hz would cause a problem but beware. When a transformer like the one powering a tube in a microwave oven is designed for 60hz is then run at 50hz it may run to hot. generally you can go 10hz higher with little safety concern but if its designed for 60hz don't even try 50hz unless its specified by the maker.

Also beware that the magnetron may overheat at 60hz if you don't put in a smaller high voltage capacitor, the power output of a microwave oven is controlled by the line frequency and the capacity of the capacitor so if you go from 50hz to 60 the capacitor is being charged and discharged 10 more times per second, hence the magnetron is firing 10 more times per second. If the oven is rated at 1000 watts at 50hz it might put out 1200 watts at 60hz. To counter this and run the magnetron at the proper power you need a matching smaller uf rated capacitor, say the current one is a 1uf you would have to drop to a .8 or .85uf one for the proper oven wattage at the higher frequency..

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Q: Will a 240V 50hz microwave oven work in with 240V 60hz power?
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Yes, you can.

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Can you operate a 50hz microwave on 60hz?

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