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It would be very strange if moving from 50hz to 60 hz would cause a problem but beware. When a transformer like the one powering a tube in a microwave oven is designed for 60hz is then run at 50hz it may run to hot. generally you can go 10hz higher with little safety concern but if its designed for 60hz don't even try 50hz unless its specified by the maker.

Also beware that the magnetron may overheat at 60hz if you don't put in a smaller high voltage capacitor, the power output of a microwave oven is controlled by the line frequency and the capacity of the capacitor so if you go from 50hz to 60 the capacitor is being charged and discharged 10 more times per second, hence the magnetron is firing 10 more times per second. If the oven is rated at 1000 watts at 50hz it might put out 1200 watts at 60hz. To counter this and run the magnetron at the proper power you need a matching smaller uf rated capacitor, say the current one is a 1uf you would have to drop to a .8 or .85uf one for the proper oven wattage at the higher frequency..

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Q: Will a 240V 50hz microwave oven work in with 240V 60hz power?
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Will a 240V 60Hz microwave oven work with 240V 50Hz power?

Could you please give us a name of a 240 V 60 Hz microwave? Thank you

Will a 220v 60Hz appliance opperate with a power supply of 240v 50Hz?

It must state on the appliance, that it will work at 240v, 50hz. If it does not clearly state it on the name plate, damage to the appliance will occur.

Can you operate a 50hz microwave on 60hz?

Yes, you can.

Would saudi 220v 60hz appliance work on malaysia 240v 50hz?


60Hz has higher power than 50Hz?


Do Indian electrical devices work in US?

No India uses 240V at 50Hz the U.S. uses 110V at 60Hz.

Do you need a transformer to go from 208 V 60Hz input to 240 V 50Hz output?

A transformer would get you from 208V to 240V, if you find one in that range. But a transformer alone would not get you from 60Hz to 50Hz - if you really need to do that. That'd take some fairly complicated power electronics to achieve that change.

Can you connect a 240v 60hz machine into 230v 50hz?

It makes a great difference what the machine is as to whether is can work on a different frequency.

Will a 230V 50Hz appliance work on a 240V 60Hz supply. In Canada we have 240V 60Hz and European kitchen appliances are made for 230V 50Hz. Can you use an EU fridge oven cooktop dishwasher microwave?

It depends on the appliance; some motors rely on the mains frequency of 50Hz to operate at the correct speed so changing to 60Hz might cause problems. It's probably best to check the manufacturer's website for the appliance's specifications; that should say the range of mains voltages/frequencies supported. For more information see the answer to the Related Questionshown below. == ==

Is there a difference between Australian and American power supplies?

There is a difference. For one thing, Australia works at 50hz and America at 60hz, and in domestic supply, Australia works at 240v and America at 110v.

Can you use a 220v-60hz microwave in Australia?

Yes, using a 220v-60hz microwave in Australia is fine. The voltage of alternating current supplied to homes in Australia is 220v. The frequency of the voltage is 50hz.

Can a 230v 50 Hz transformer works at 220v 60hz?

Yes, there is no problem using a transformer specified for 230V-50Hz with a voltage of 220V-60Hz. Transformers in this range of voltage are designed for 220 to 240V and 50 to 60Hz.

How does 50hz and 60hz differ from one another?

50 cycles/sec is 50Hz and 60cycles/sec is 60Hz

Is it possible to run 50Hz motor on 60Hz power?

yes by frequency convertor

Can 220v 50hz CPU computer run 220 60hz power supply?


Will a 240v 60Hz generator work in a 230v 50Hz home?

no, i asked and search about this issue, doing this will damage the motor, wire, adaptor....etc with time

What has to be done to connect 220v 50Hz refrigerator to 220v 60Hz power supply?


Why is Japan's electrical distribution split up into the two power frequencies of 50Hz and 60Hz?

Power companies in the west purchased 60Hz equipment, and companies in the east purchased 50Hz equipment. This was back in the late 1800's to early 1900's. It would be cost prohibitive to replace all the 50Hz equipment with 60Hz, or vice versa at this point, so both are used.

Can you use UK appliances in the us?

Not unless the appliance is rated to be used with the two different power supplies. The US uses 120v, 60 Hz if it plugs into a receptacle, and possibly 240v, 60Hz if it is hard wired. The UK uses 240v, 50Hz whether it plugs in or is hard wired. These two power systems are NOT compatible. You may use a US appliance in the UK, and vice versa, only if the appliance is dual rated, i.e. the appliance says 120v/60Hz AND 240v/50Hz on the nameplate. If the appliance only specifies one power supply, it can only be used on that power supply. If this is the case, you may be able to use a travel adapter to operate the appliance.

Can you operating 240v 60hz single phase electric kiln on 240v 50hz single phase power supply system?

If the kiln is strictly a resistance heating element, with no motor, then yes, it should work fine. Warning: the opposite, that is running a 240V 50hz (European) appliance from US 240V 60hz mains is very dangerous and should not be attempted. IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY SURE YOU CAN DO THIS JOBSAFELY AND COMPETENTLYREFER THIS WORK TO QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS. If you do this work yourself, always turn off the power at the breaker box/fuse panel BEFORE you attempt to do any work AND always use a meter or voltage indicatorto insure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.

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How many hertz run through power lines?

50hz in Europe, 60hz in United States.

What happens to a 220v 50hz microwave oven when connected to a 220v 60hz supply?

It may or may not work. The timer & clock for sure will not be accurate.

Will an American iMac work in Europe?

iMacs can operate on a power supply ranging between 100-240V AC (50Hz to 60Hz, single phase frequency) which means they will work in most countries. An adapter may be required to connect to the local power supply.

How can you make a 240V 60hz electric generator work at 240V 50hz?

The frequency of the generated voltage depends on the speed of your engine. I assume it's a gasoline engine. It's probably spinning at about 3600 rpm. You need to get a mechanic to fiddle with the govenor and drop it down to 3000 rpm. 50HZ is 83 percent of 60Hz so you need 83 percent of whatever speed you are currently running. My question is, why bother?