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It will not bolt up. Really the only thing I know that works is a 3.4 bolting to a 3.1 trans. 3.1/3.4/3.5 parts exchange. some modification may be required.

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โˆ™ 2008-08-14 19:16:47
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Q: Will a 3.1 liter engine bolt up to a 2.2 trans What other cars share the under carriage design?
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What ford motors are interchangeable with the 1997 Mercury Mountaineer with a 5.0 liter engine?

Have a mountaineer with a bad 5.0 liter engine. What other 5.0 ford engines will interchange with the mercury engine?

What kind of engine in a 2000 Honda CR-V 2.0L?

The 2.0 liter engine is a double overhead cam engine - the other engine available that year was a single overhead cam 1.6 liter. 1998 honda crv

What other engine is a direct swap with the 2.5 liter on a 2000 jeep wrangler?

There is no other direct swap.

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What is a 4.2 liter engine?

It is Usually a V8 motor, other wise also known as a '253'

Would a 1992 ford gt 1.8 liter engine be a interferance?

By interference, if you are referring to the valves. The 1.8 liter is a non interference engine. If the timing belt brakes, then the valves do not interfere with the piston. They do not try and occupy the same space. The 1.9 liter engine is an interference engine. If the timing belt breaks then the valves will occupy the same space as the piston and they will hit each other.

How many kilometer in 1 liter consume by 3.2 diesel engine?

The fuel efficiency of an engine will depend on the car itself, amongst other factors.

Where do you check oil on a Saturn 1.9 liter engine?

there are two dip sticks in the engine bay.. one is yellow the other is red... REd is for Transmission fluid...and Yellow is for Engine oil

Will a 2005 mustang 4.6 liter engine interchange and work in a 1998 F150 with a 4.6 liter?

The 4.6 liter engines are interchangeable. However, some modifications would have to be made to the pilot bearing and some other components.

Where can you find a diagram for the location of a thermostat on a 2001 Dodge Dakota?

If you have any other engine other than a 4.7 liter then the thermostat will be located at the engine where the top hose from the radiator meets it. It will have two bolts holding a housing on. Remove the two bolts and it is underneath the housing. Take the hose off first it make installation a lot easier. If you have the 4.7 liter then the theremostat housing is at the engine where the bottom hose from the radiator meets the engine. I have the 4.7 liter and that is where mine is. Hope this helps.

How do you convert a 1995 Escort 19 liter to a 1999 2 liter?

I believe it can be but there will be some sensors and other some componets from the 95 engine that will have to stay with the car, and be transferred to the 2 liter from the 1.9. The only real difference between a 1.9 and a 2.0 is the engine bore so it should work. The other differences will be year differences with sensor plugs, and possibly the ignition system.

What engine is in the 2003 Mitsubishi lancer?

The 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer was produced with one of two engine types. First is the 4G94 engine, used in the ES, LS, and OZ Rally models. The 4G94 is a SOHC 2.0-liter, 4 cylinder engine. The other engine type is the 4G63T, used in the Evolution sub-model. The 4G63T is a turbocharged, 2.0-liter 4 cylinder engine.

What is the difference between BMW Z3 and Z4?

Size, design, engine, performance, and many other features.

What is another word for car?

Other words for car are: carriage, wagon, coach, Pullman, flatcar, railway carriage, sleeper, compartment

Where is 3.4 liter crankshaft position sensor?

The engine is equipped with two. Which one needs replacing? One is located between the engine and transmission on the rear of engine. And the other is located behind the harmonic balancer.

Did a 5.7 liter come in a 2003 super duty ford?

In a 2003 Ford F-250 Super Duty : One of the engines offered was the ( 5.4 liter gasoline V8 ) The other gasoline engine offered was the 6.8 liter V10

How many quarts of oil does a 2002 Ford F 150 4.6 Liter V8 engine take?

5 quarts... for liter of engine is 1 quart. So pour 4.5 in then check ten mins later.. if needed add the other half ======================================================== According to the 2002 Ford F-150 Owner Guide : With engine oil filter change : The 4.6 liter V8 engine takes ( 6.0 U.S. quarts of 5W-20 )

What other Ford truck models and years will a 93 Ford Explorer 4.0 liter v6 dohc engine fit in?

That engine will also fit the Ford Ranger pickup.

What are the timing marks for a 93 Dodge colt with a 1.5 liter engine?

The timing marks on a 93 Dodge Colt with a 1.5 liter engine are located on the timing chain and the cam sprocket. They must line up with each other to ensure proper initial timing.

How many cc are there in one hp?

That has no answer since there are too many other factors of the engine and its design that come into play.

What is the difference between a 2000 3.3l frontier engine and other years?

what are the ignition timing of the Nissan frontier 2010 3.3 liter

On a 1979 caprice classic if not a v8 what other type of motor do it have?

That model was also available with a 4.1 liter, six cylinder engine.

Can you put a 96' 2.2 liter engine in a 96' cavalier that had a 2.4 liter in it?

yes you can but you'll have to redo wirharnees- ecu, and a couple other things. why would you want a slower motor?

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