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yes if it is an older model pre 95 if both had carbs. on them then yes they will interchange.

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Q: Will a 350 stock intake manifold fit a 305 motor?
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Will a 1980 305 stock intake manifold fit a 1980 350 motor?


Did a aluminum intake manifold come stock on a 1987 gm 305?

Yes it did.

Will a 350 stock exhaust manifold fit a 305 motor?

Yes it will.

1979 305 sbc stock what is the proper timing THKS?


Will a 1980 Chevy 305 stock intake fit on a 1980 Chevy 350 motor?


Will a 1985 Chevy 305 intake work on a 1988 Chevy 305 intake?

intake manifold is DIFFERENT for models 1985 and 1988

Will a 1998 vortec 305 motors' intake manifold fit a 1997 350 vortec motor?

Yes they are the same.

1996 Chevrolet c1500 pickup truck bolt torque specifications for 5.0L intake manifold?

1996 chevy c1500 pick up 305 motor bolt torque spec intake manifold

How to fix the heater hose that is inserted into the intake manifold on a 1995 305 v8?

The connector into the intake manifold of a GM 305 and 350 has been known to be quite fragile. If the connector has broken you have little choice but to replace the manifold.

Will the intake manifold off vortec 5.7 fit a 305?

It will as long as the 305 is a VORTEC ENGINE TOO.

How do you tell Which is the intake and which is the exhaust valve on a 305 motor?

The intake valve is bigger.

What is a 346250 intake manifold?

It is an intake off of a late sixtys small mblock chevy. 350cid or 305 cid

Will a 1985 305 intake manifold fit on a 1988 305 Chevy?

No. There were major engine changes between those years.

Will a stock 305 motor from a 1986 iroc fit into a 1995 Camaro rs?

Will a stock 305 motor from a 1986 iroc fit into a 1995 camaro rs?

Will a 1984 305 stock intake fit a 350 long block?

Yes, I just changed a 1985 305CI intake to a new GM 350CI long block crate motor.

Will a 1962 intake fit an 1981 305 motor?


How do you remove intake manifold on 305?

take all the wiring and hoses loose from the top of the engine, and you might have to remove the valve covers. then just loosen the intake manifold bolts

Will a 283 intake manifold fit on a 305 Chevy engine?

On a non-TBI engine, Yes.

Can you install carporator type eldbrock for 305 engine 1986 without changing the top part of engine?

Or from autozone you can buy a quadra-jet to standard adapter plate if you don't have that edelbrock or if you have a holleythe intake manifold is hopefully what youre talking about and the answer is noAnsweryes you can. if you have a stock intake manifold, which uses a quadrajet carb, you can use edelbrock part number #2696 which you can buy from summit racing ( it allows you to use an edelbrock performer square bore carb on the stock quadrajet manifold. for that motor i recommend the edelbrock #1406 which you can also get from summit.

1992 Chevy pick up its TBI and you like to chang it to carburetor will an old 1970 intake manifold fit in the 1992 305 motor?

No it will not unless you modify the intake bolt holes, They don't line up with the late model heads.

Bolt torque specs Intake manifold gmc 305? they got alot of torque specs on there

Is the intake manifold from a 1985 305 swappable to a 1995 350?

no, the bolt pattern on the small block Chevy intake manifold changed in '87 to the vortec head design, but if it doesnt have the centerbolt valve covers, then it will.

What years of 305 intake manifolds fit on a 78 305 manifold?

All of them. Some were carburated, some fuel injected. Just pick the right one.

What is the firing order of 1989 Chevy 305 block engine?

18436572 It should be cast on the factory intake manifold.

On a 1981 cutlass 305 intake manifold is it possible to change with a 350 intake manifold?

the manifolds should be the same for the 350and 305. be careful, however about the year of your manifold, older manifolds have the four center holes drilled at the same angle as the heads and the rest of the holes, newer manifolds have the four holes drilled straight up and down, and the two are not interchangeable