Will a 44 bulldog shoot 357 ammo?


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No. You should never try to load or fire any ammo into a gun other than what it is designed to fire. A .44 caliber gun is designed to fire .44 caliber ammo.

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Yes. The 44 magnum can fire 44 special ammo in the same way a .357 magnum can use .38 Special.

Depends on what ammo and what you mean by "stronger".

It's known as a "44 Bulldog" caliber and hasn't been loaded in many, many years. It is only available through custom reloaders such as "Gad custom cartridges" for $35 a box + shipping. I have an old "Bulldog" made in 1887 that uses this ammo. They're fun to shoot if they are tight.

If the Anaconda is a .44 Magnum, yes, you can shoot .44 Special in it all day. Also .44 S&W American and .44 Russian if you are of a mind.

The short answer is no. You should not (and normally can't) fire any ammo in a gun other than what it is specifically designed to shoot. There are some exceptions, such as, you can fire 38 special in a gun designed for .357 magnum.

No! A firearm chambered for the .38 cannot safely shoot .357 magnum ammunition. The .357 has a longer case and overall cartridge length, and a much stronger powder charge. The .357 magnum will not fit into a .38 revolver, and if it did the chamber pressure would exceed the design of the .38 and could cause catastrophic failure of the firearm, in an injurious or deadly way. However, you can shoot a .38 special round safely through a .357 magnum as they both share the same caliber bullet. The same holds true with shooting a .44 special through a .44 magnum.

Yes, and it is more comfortable to shoot than .44 Mag. Clean the cylinder chambers well after shooting to prevent carbon buildup ahead of the cartridges.

No, you cannot. The .38 Special can be fired out of .357 Magnum revolver (but not automatics or lever action rifles), however.

It is: 357/8 = 44 with a remainder of 5

It can use either 44 magnum or 44 special

It may not feed well, but can be shot.

It goes: 357/8 = 44 times with a remainder of 5

If you think you can kill a deer with a handgun, I would try at least a 357 magnum, but a 44 magnum will shoot a bit further and put it down if you can hit it

.429 INCHES A 38 SPECIAL IS .357....

your colt is of modern manufacture period. it will take the 44 mag. cartridge 'IF' the barrel has 44 mag. written on it. Or, it could be a 44 special, also written, whereby you cannot use 44 Mag. cartridge. However, if it is a 44 mag. cartridge, then you can shoot modern 44 mag. cartridges OR 44 special cartridges............

As many as you can shoot into em, sweetheart. A regular DE (not baby) .357 - 9 (1+8), .44 8 (1+7), 0.50 8 (1+7)

you will have to do a web search on 44 shotshell ammunition.

The .357 magnum is borderline for any big game hunting, and while it can kill a bear, it is anything but ideal. I wish I had a dollar for every wounded deer I had to track, that someone tried to take down with a .357 magnum. You are much better off with the .44 magnum, and a properly rigged .44 magnum is a joy to shoot. If you still find the .44 to be intimidating, Buffalo bore makes a new round with reduced recoil that has plenty enough power for bears and deer. They are 240 grain lower recoil, but still offer more than the .357 magnum. The .44 magnum also will shoot the .44 Special rounds, which are very easy to shoot but more powerful for hunting than any of the .357 Magnum loads. Now if you were to move up to the .357 maximum, that is a different story, as that is a much more effective round than the .357 magnum. Yes, mainly depending on where you hit the bear. Stay within fifty yards and you will be fine. If you reload your own ammunition, stick with a hard cast 180 grain load. Also, hunting black bear with a handgun calls for a specific type of hunting. Use dogs to tree the bear, or hide in a tree stand next to a baited area. That way, all your shots will be within that fifty yard range. I personally would use a high power rifle, such as a 30-06, for an example.

In a .44 Magnum revolver, yes. In a semi-automatic .44 Magnum (such as the Desert Eagle), no.

There are numerous handguns that will fire more than one caliber or type of ammo. The Taurus Judge will fire .410 shotgun ammo or .45 Colt ammo. Smith and Wesson has just started producing a gun similar revolver called the Governer that will fire .410, .45 Colt, or .45 ACP. You can fire .38 special in any gun that is chambered in .357 magnum (but not vice-versa) or .44 special in a gun chambered for .44 magnum (but not vice-versa). Also there are other types. There is a very rare revolver called the Medusa that will fire anything in the .38 or 9mm family, including 9mm Kurz (380), 9x19mm, 38 special, and .357 magnum.

44 times with 5 left over

yes.... with a 44 magnum

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