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Most hair dryers are rated at least 800 watts to as much as 1875 watts. Given that, a 500 watt generator will NOT run a hair dryer. You would need at least a 2000 watt generator, just be be on the safe side.

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How many watts does a generator have to have to run a blow dryer?

Check the wattage of the blow dryer and add 500 watt. This will be the size of generator you will need to use.

What is the value of a running and serviceable Onan tag along 450 watt generator?


Is 50 kilowatt equal to a 5500 watt or 6500 watt generator?

No. 50 kW is 50 000 watts, so nowhere near 5 500(5.5 kW) or 6 500(6.5 kW) watts.

What size generator do you need to power your frig?

If the generator is needed to just supply power for the fridge then a 1500 watt unit will be ample. The market place has 6500 watt generators for around 500 dollars. Buying a larger size generator gives you the option to operate other appliances along with the fridge.

Can a 350 watt amplifier destroy a 500 watt speaker?

No, the output of a 350 watt amplifier will not destroy a 500 watt capacity speaker.

When running a 500 watt appliance can a solar panel of 500 watt run that appliance while there is sunlight?

can a 500 watt solar panel run a 500 watt appliance with 2 102 amp deep cycle batteries

What size generator would you need to run a 300 watt pa sound system for a few hours?

A 300 watt audio system means it has a peak power of 300 watts but the average power might be only a fraction of that, perhaps 5-10 watts. So it might run off a car battery, with an inverter to supply the correct voltage if needed. <<>> A 300 watt public address sound system will operate very nicely from as small as a 500 watt AC generator. A 1000 watt generator will give you more capacity if there are other devices that need powering.

Can you use a 600 watt amp with a 500 watt subwoffer?


How many watts does a desktop computer use?

+- 250 watt to 500 watt

How many lumens are in a 250 watt metal halide lamp?

500 lumens per 100 watt

What car speakers will go the best with my 500 watt amp?

All car speakers will go well with a 500 Watt amp, but for the best effect, get a power subwoofer.

Can you use a 400 watt subwoofer with a 500 watt amp?

Yes . So long as the watt difference is not over 300~ ish your sub will be safe from blowing.

How much does a generator cost?

Cost ranges from around one hundred dollars US for a tiny, off brand portable generator up to millions of dollars for large permanently installed generators. It really depends on the size and use. A typical 5000 watt portable generator you would use for camping and power outages at home costs around $500 - $800.

Is a 500 watt sub loud?

yes it is but it also depends on the sub size i have a 500 watt 12" dual sub and it kicks really hard you can hear it inside a house or building

Can you run a 500 watt amplifier at low volume on a 140 watt ac converter?

It won't hurt to test your idea.

How fast does a 500 watt electric scooter go?

About 17 mph

What is the Farad to watt ratio?

I read that it 500 rms to 1 Farad.

How many watts does a compact refrigerator use?

500-1000 watt

What watt amplifier will power a 1000 watt sub woofer?

1000 watt or 1200 watt depends on if you want to push it your sub is 500 RMS so a 1000 watt will push 500 RMS and a 1200 watt will push 600 RMS whatever the peak of you sub woofer is ie: 2400 watt cut the number in half so 1200 RMS then have a amp that does 1200 RMS Or better they make gains on a amp so u can tune it down or up to your sub

What does a typical portable dryer cost?

A typical portable dryer can be a convenient appliance to have, but some can be quite costly due to the portability convenience. A typical portable dryer costs between $250-$500.

What is the best dryer that will have less dry time?

The LG DLG2102W dryer is rated very well and dries fast. They cost around $500 and can be purchased at Home Depot. You can read dryer reviews at

If one kilowatt hour of electricity costs 9cents how much to run a 500 watt heat bulb 24 hours for 30 days?

500 watt bulb run for 1 hour = 500 watt/hours or 0.5 kilowatt/hours 0.5 x 24 x 30 = 360 kilowatt/hours 360 x 0.09 = $32.40

how many 10000 watt bulbs can be run with a 10000 KW watt generator?

At full power, 1000 of them. Did you really mean 10,000 watt bulbs? They do exist, but they're not at all common, and it's hard to imagine where you'd need a thousand of them. Most theatrical lights, which are considerably brighter than home fixtures, have bulbs in the 500-1000 watt range at most, with a few professional-grade fixtures going up to maybe 2500 watts. A ten thousand watt bulb might be used in a lighthouse, or perhaps in a searchlight.

What is diesel consumption of 500 kva generator?

50 ltr/Hr

How much amps can a 500 kilowatt generator put out?

600 kva

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