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A 64g IPad will hold up to around 58g of music, if you are not using it for anything else. A 64g IPad is enough to store over 5000 songs, but it would take up a lot of the IPads memory. Basically you can hold around 7000 songs depending on their length. However, you should be fine with a 16g IPad for they still hold a lot of songs.

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Q: Will a 64g iPad hold a lot of music?
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How much can a 64g hold for me?

64g on an iPad can hold a lot of documents. For example, 64g will hold more than 14,000 songs. I don't know how many documents it can hold, but my best guess would be in the high hundreds range.

How many songs and video a 32GB iPad 2 hold?

It holds a lot

How much memory is 16GB for a iPad?

Not enough for a lot of music and a few movies.

How did the iPad make life easier?

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How many movies can you store on 16 gb iPad?

It will depend upon how much other apps and music you have on your iPad. If you have a lot of music and a ton of apps, maybe only 1 or 2.

Why would you need more than 16g on iPad?

If you want to store a lot of movies or a ton of music.

How does an iPad sense your finger?

A lot of technology inside the iPad

Is 16GB a lot on an iPad?

Not really. Apple makes both a 32 and a 64 GB IPad. However, if you are not planning on storing music, photos or video, 16GB is more than enough.

Who are iPad users?

A lot of people are iPad users I'm sending this from an iPad right now

How much stuff can the 16 GB iPad hold?

16 GB is a lot of space for small files like mp3. But 16GB is probably not big enough to hold a lot of software files. It can hold a number of movies as well provided that the movies are not on HD.

Should you get an Ipad 2 32GB or 16GB you will be using it for quite a lot of music apps and work?

The 32GB would be the better choice.

How many GB's should i have on an iPad?

16 if you just want to store books. 32 if you want to store a lot of music and apps. 64 if your want to store a lot of movies.

How do you fix blurry pictures on iPad 2?

You can't. Take the picture again and try to hold it still. More light helps a lot too.

Where do i find the sheet music for guitar for i want to hold your hand across the universe? has a lot of free sheet music seletions to choose from.

Can you accept friends on iPad?

There are a lot of social networks and programs availble with an iPad. Yes to almost all of them.

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Who has the apple iPad?

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Is the iPad a PC?

No the iPad is not a PC. If you compare it to anything you should compare it to the iPod touch. Its just a lot bigger.

Is the iPad a big iPod?

Technically, yes. Since it has the music capabilites of an iPod, and the apps (some of the iPod Touch/iPhone apps can be converted into iPad format) like the iPod Touch/iPhone, but it is in HD format. Take note that some apps are only available for the iPad itself. One developer recently said that comparing the two was like saying a bath tub was the same as a swimming pool - they can both hold a lot of water but can be used for very different functions.

What acessories should you get for the iPad 2?

you could get the wireless keyboard, the ipad smart cover, ipad connection camera kit, apple tv, vga adapter and a lot more!

What is the best iPad?

It depends on how much you need to store and also if you travel a lot get the 3G one, but as far as GB, it depends on how much music/books/videos/apps you want to store

How much does it cost to fix a Ipad 2?

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What was the invention of Steve Jobs?

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Does the iPad 1 cost 89?

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Does the iPad have apps?

Hi there Yes the ipad has quite a lot of apps available in the iTunes App Store. Many original iPod Touch/iPhone apps are also compatible with the iPad.