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yes, as long as the Camaro has a v-8 Chevy engine, (some Camaros have a 6 cyl. engine)

He almost got it. here's the facts:

The 700 came in two bellhousing bolt patterns -- the standard "Chevy" which includes all smallblock engines from 262 to 400 cubic engines (and the later "Vortec" series engines and their derivatives), the big blocks from the truck only 366 to the 502, and the new ZZ572. This bellhousing pattern was also used for the 6.2 and 6.5 liter V-8 diesel engines, and it will also directly bolt up to the 3.3 liter 200 cubic inch, the 3.8 liter 229 inch V-6, and the 4.3 liter 262 cubic inch engines.

And then there was the smaller bellhousing bolt pattern used on the 2.5 liter (151") 4-cylinder, the 2.8 liter (173") V-6, and the 3.1 liter (189") V-6 engines.

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Q: Will a 700r4 transmission from a 86 Camaro work in a 1990 2wd silverado with a 700r4 transmission?
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What transmission came in a 1990 camaro 305tbi?

it's a 700R4 tranny

Can you put any transmission in a 1990 silverado 2500 if it has an electronic transmission in it now?

No you can not. The computer is programed to run the 700R4 transmission.

What size transmission does a 1990 silverado 1500 have?

the overdrive transmission in those trucks are 700R4 with lock up torque converter

What transmission is in the 1990 Chevy Silverado?

Look in the glove box and you will see a decal. This is that trucks build sheet. Call the Chevrolet dealer and he can tell you the code. That would be the 700R4 transmission.

Can you put a 700r4 4x4 in a 90 silverado?

You can if the 1990 truck is a 4x4.

What transmission does a 1990 Chevy truck have?

That would be the 700R4

What type of transmission does a 1990 fleetwood brougham have?


What transmission is in 1990 Chev 1500 350Ci SB?

It should be the 700R4 transmission.

What size transmission does a 1990 Chevy silerado have?

That would be a 700R4

What transmission does a 1990 Chevy 5.0 4x4 have?

That would be the 700R4

What transmission is in 1990 Chevy 1500 sport with 350 engine?

Should be the 700R4 transmission.

What kind of transmission does your 1990 model Chevy pickup have?

should be the 700R4

Does a 1990 gm truck have a 4l60e transmission?

That would be the 700R4 transmission if it's still the FACTORY one.

What type of transmission came in a 1990 s10 4.3 v6?

auto is 700r4

What transmission came in a 1990 Chevy pickup 4speed automatic?

It would be the 700R4

Can a 1997 GM truck transmission 4l60e be installed in a 1990 GM Vandura 2500 that originally had a 700R4?

NO You can not. The compurter and wreing harness in the 1990 will not hook up are even shift the 4L60E transmission. You MUST put the 700R4 back in it.

Can you install a overdrive transmission in a 1990 Chevy pickup?

That truck came factory with a 700R4 transmission. And that has overdrive in it already.

What is the transmission type a 1990 Chevy z71 4x4 extended cab with 350 small block?


Can you use a 1994 700r transmission out of 6 cylinder truck and install it in a 1990 or 1992 305 V8 truck?

yes, the 700R4 transmission is the standard trans for the K1500 with a 5.7 350 engine. 305 is also with the 700R4 transmision.

Where is modulator valve on 1990 silverado?

That year did not use them. It is electronic controlled transmission.

What type of automatic transmission came in a 1990 Camaro RS 3.1L?


Would a later model transmission 1990 or newer work in a 1985 silverado without the computer plugged into the transmission?

No it will not work.

Will a 5-speed manual transmission from a 1990 silverado sport fit in a 1992 silverado with a 5.7 v8?

it will, but need addl. parts.

Will a 1993 Chevy transmission fit a 1990 Chevy van?

Yes. There were no major changes between the two. NEW ANSWER: Yes it will fit. But the problem is that the 1990 computer and transmission wiring harness will not operate that 1993 model 4L60E or the 4L80E transmission. Your 1990 model had the 700R4 in it and that is not electronic controlled like the 93 is.

What year transmissions can fit a 1990 Chevy pickup?

700r4 for sure. but i believe the 96-99 model Chevy pickups have that 4l6oe transmission in it