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Will a 70 cutlass 442 hood fit a 69 cutlas 442?

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Yes but the hood latch has to be relocated.

2008-09-23 02:44:33
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Will a 71 cutlass 442 hood fit a 70 cutlass?

Not without changing a lot of other parts, radiator support grills fender moldings and stone shield.

Can a 1969 cutlass 442 front end fit on a 1970 cutlass 442 and if so can it take the value from the car?

It could fit, anddoing sowould very likely devalue the car.

Can a 1971 cutlass hood fit on a 1977 cutlass?

No, they're 2 totally different bodystyles.

How many 1972 442 had a 4speed?

does a 70 front bumper fit a 71 cutlass front bumper

Will any other frames fit 1971 cutlass 442?

YES,All 1968-1972 gm a-body ( cutlass,chevelle,skylark,gto) can be interchanged.

Will a 81 cutlass hood fit a 80 cutlass?

If they are both 4-doors or wagons, yes. If they are both coupes, no

Will a 69 cutlass hood an grill go on a 68?

No it will not fit correctly with the grill.

Will a 1966 cutlass hood fit a 1967 cutlass?

It wouldn't match up in the front due to the 67's wider headlight design

Will the hood from a 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass fit on a 1966 Cutlass?

They wouldn't match up in the front due to the 67's wider headlight design

Will a 1986 auto trans fit a 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass?

Hey Carol==If it is from an Olds cutlas it probably will although some had a 3 speed and some a 4 speed. GoodluckJoe

Will a 4.3 motor out of a cutlas suprem fit into a 91 camaro?

It could be done... but why? That Cutlass 4.3 is one of the most worthless motors GM ever made, definitely falls into the "boat anchor" category.

Will a 1969 cutlass hood fit a 1968 if it will can you use the gille and headlights and bumper too?

I have a 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass supreme. My car has a 1968 front bumper, hood, and grill. Its mirror of your question but If a 68 can go on a 69 I wouldn't see why a 69 couldn't go on a 68.

Can a 1971 cutlass grill fit on a 1970 cutlass?


Can the rear end of a 1975 cutlass fit a 1970 cutlass?


Will 20 rims fit 1979 cutlass?

Yes you can fit 20" rims on you 1979 cutlass, if you wanted to you could fit 22" rims with low profile tires with the stock springs.

Can 700 r4 fit in 88 oldsombile cutlas?

A 700r4 will fit most smallblock v8 motored GM vehicle, if it has anything other than a v8 it will not fit

Will 20 rims fit on 98' cutlass?

please make them fit

Will a 1971 cutlass front bumper fit on a 1970 cutlass?

Yes, but the signal lights are the wrong shape.

Does a 98 Oldsmobile Cutlass hood interchangeable with a Chevy Malibu?

Yes it will fit, the only different between these two cars is the design of the front and rear bumper, and they are fittable to each other.

Can a 305 fit in a 87 cutlass supreme?


Will a 1969 cutlass dashbord fit in a 1968 cutlass?

it will fit but you will need to drill out an ignition switch hole unless you also transfer over the 69 steering column.

Can a Oldsmobile 455 fit into a 1986 Oldsmobile 442 with a 307?


Will a 1970 cutlass front bumper fit on a 1969 cutlass convertible?

No only 1970. 71 and 72 are interchangeable

What different kind of gauge clusters will fit a cutlass supreme?

Depends on what year Cutlass Supreme you're referring to...

Will the duel exhaust of an 86 Monte Carlo fit in an 86 cutlass supreme?

yes it will fit