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Will a 85 350 Chevy engine fit in a 91 rs?

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Any small block chevy(262 - 400 excluding 396) from 1955 to current will fit in your car. Depending on the year of the engine you could need more parts than others. So yes the 85 350 will fit. you may have to change the bell houseing on the tranny....well and of course the exhaust

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Can a 350 intake fit a 267 Chevy engine?

Yeah it can fit, just make sure it's from an 85 and down 350 or 305.

Does a 77 350 engine fit into an 85?

yes it will fit.

Will a new Chevy 350 fit in a 85 camaro z28?

Yes it will fit.

How much torque is put on the heads of a Chevy 350 engine?

85 ft/lbs

Can you fit a Chevy 350 engine into a 85 Pontiac fiero?

YES! You can put ANY small block Chevy into a Fiero. Visit here,, there you can find the conversion kit (minus the engine) and answers to all of your questions.

What year 350 Chevy engine with casting number 1400207?

This # 1400207 is not listed-- could be 14010207--1980-85--- 350 4 bolt main truck engine

Will a 1985 Chevy 350 20van fit a 1990 350?

YES, It will bolt right in, But it won't run. The 90 model 350 is a fuel injection computer controlled engine and the 85 is not. Now if you install a adjustable fuel pressure regulator and KNOW what you are doing, Then you CAN make the 85 carburetor 350 engine work. If your smart you would find a 1988 to 1995 TBI 350 and put it back in the 1990 year vehicle and be DONE with it.

What size V8 engines will fit into a 1985 impala?

Any smallblock Chevy engine will physically "fit" into a 85 Impala

Will the starter from a 85 Chevy pickup with a 350 and automatic tranny fit in a 92 gmc pickup with a 350 and a manual tranny?

Yes. It may be bigger but it will bolt on.

85 Chevy 350 wont start with choke?

does it start without the choke? if it does you are probably flooding the engine with the choke readjust it

Does ford make a 350 turbo transmission that bolts up to a 85 caprice with a 305 engine?

NO. Ford doesn't, but Chevy does.

What is hp on a 85 Chevy 350?

175 hp

What are the Torque specs for 85 Chevy s10 with a 2.5 engine?

what are the torque specks for 85 Chevy s10 with a 2.5 engine

How much horsepower from 85 5.7 350 Chevy?

Right about 245.

Will a 77 chevy 350 bolt up in your 85 c10?


Is the harmonic balancer the same for an 85 and 86 Chevy 350?


Will a 350 turbo off of a 79 400 small block fit in a 85 Chevy 305?

In a word, yes. It should bolt right up with no problems.

Will a intake manifold for a 85 Chevy 350 bolt to 97 Chevy vortec heads?

No not even close.

Will a 85 Chevy Silverado tranny fit into a 84 Chevy Silverado?

YES they are the same.

What engine is in a 85' silverado?

either a 305 or a 350

Where is the temperature sending unit on a 85 Chevy 350 engine?

It is screewed into the drivers side head between the first 2 spark plugs up front.

How do you check wiring on 85 Chevy distributor 350 engine?

Remove from engine and use an ohm meter on the ends

Will a 99 Chevy truck cab fit on an 85 Chevy truck frame?

A direct bolt on, no.

Where is the voltage regulator located on a 85 350 Chevy?

The voltage regulator is integrated into the alternator.

I have an 85 Chevy 12 ton pickup with a motor out of what you think is a 73 Chevy but the starter grinds are there two different size of fly wheels for a Chevy 350 in any year?

Did you use the starter from the 85 model engine?? If you did then it is the wrong one for the early model engine, And you will need to get a starter for a 77 model engine, and it may still need to be shimed. And yes GM did make 2 different fly-wheels but that is not your problem.

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