Will a 87 2.4 mgihty max motor fit a 91 mighty max?

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How do you replace the starter on 1991 mighty max?

\nthere are a few ways you can reach the two bolts holding it on. the head of the bolts are facing towards the rear of the truck and i believe they were 14 mm. you can access them from the underside, through the left wheel well(if you remove the tire) or you can remove the entire intake manifold and ( Full Answer )

How do i adjust clutch on mighty max 1986 Adjusting clutch mighty max 1986?

ive never worked on that truck but it should be a cable clutch. you will have to get under the truck with acouple wrenches. there should be a lever stickout of of the trans by the front of it. there will be a cable hooked to it and there should be 2 nuts near it. break them both free and tighten the ( Full Answer )

How old is Max from Max the Mighty?

Max is about 16. He got left back in 7th grade twice, that would make him 15 and it has been a year since Freak died. Even though he is in the 8th grade, he is 16.

How do I install a mighty max thermostat?

The old thermostat will simply lift out. Drop in the newthermostat. Put a new gasket on the thermostat housing. Secure thethermostat housing with the retaining bolts.

Why1995 mighty max just shut off?

if it just shut off while driving and won't fire back up take the plastic timing cover off and make sure your belt didn't snap..... if it starts then shuts off at random check fuel pump voltage

Timing mark for Mitsubishi mighty max truck 1993?

on my 2.4 liter, there is a groove at the 9 o'clock position on the valve cover. this will line up with a notch between the teeth of the cam sprocket when the no 1 intake and exhaust valves are closed. If the timing is correct, the notch on the crankshaft pulley will point directly at TDC, sometimes ( Full Answer )

How did Max help Kevin in Freak the Mighty?

max entered the warehouse through a window with a squirtgun, and yelled to get Killer Kanes attention. KK spun around, and max said, "Leave my friend alone! you know what i got for christmas? GOOD OLD H2SO4! (sulphuric acid)" and then he squirted it right into KK's eyes. KK thought his eyes were bur ( Full Answer )

In Freak the Mighty how is Max room like?

Down from under chapter page 5 Max's room is in the basement of where Grim and Gram live. It is very dark and also messy. His room has one window that opens above ground, so he can get in and out of the house very easily.

Descriptions of Max in Freak the Mighty?

Max is a very large boy in Grade 7. He had no friends, until Freak came along. He has blonde hair and his dad is a killer, and his mother is dead. He is quite stupid, Freak is his "brain". Freak is a cripple. okay just to make sure that max doesn't necessarily have blond hair, it was Freak who had ( Full Answer )

Description of max from Freak the Mighty?

the description of max, is mostly in the book of freak the mighty, when the whole story, actually begins, but in the first chapter, there is a description of his face and his life, and probably also includes the body of him....it might help!!

When was max born in the book Freak the Mighty?

im not exactly sure but i think it was like in 1990 im not 100% sure but i absolutly adore that book i cryed wen freak died :'( you should go on youtube and look up the mighty and that's the movie for freak the mighty....i also cryed in the end XD

How does Max the Mighty end?

The book Max the Mighty ends with Max holding up a heavy piece of wood in the mine shaft for the undertaker to get out. Everything falls down, but he doesn't die. After the end, Max goes home and Worm lives with them.

How does Kevin save max in Freak the Mighty?

saves Max by squirting Kane with a squirt gun in the eye which he claims is filled with sulfuric acid when in fact, it is filled with soap, vinegar, and curry powder . The police are waiting outside, and Killer Kane is taken back to prison and has to serve his original time plus ten years. Max has ( Full Answer )

What happens to max on Christmas Eve in Freak the Mighty?

After they all open one gift, Max goes to sleep. Then he wakes up with a big hand covering his face. It is Kenneth Kane (Max's father). then Kenny takes Max to a lady's apartment. (She is not at home for the week.) They stay there and Max sees his dad choking Loretta Lee. Max remembers watching his ( Full Answer )

Is max lazy in Freak the Mighty?

He started out lazy, Then as he met Freak he began to think better about himself and Freak and Max where always with each other. So in the middle of the book Max wasn't lazy and at the end of the book when Freak dies he isn't lazy , he is more empathetic for himself.

What does max gain in Freak the Mighty?

he gains a friend. at the beginning he is alone but freak changes that. He also gains confidence about him self through being Freak the Mighty.

Solve the problem for freak and max in Freak the Mighty?

In Freak The Might, Freak was very short and his insides were growing mcuh faster and larger than his outsides, and eventually, it became a huge problem and interacted with his breathing and he died in the end of the book. Freak was very intelligent, and knew all along he would have a short life, so ( Full Answer )

How do max and Kevin meet in Freak the Mighty?

Kevin moves in on the street where max lives. Max looks out hiswindow and sees little kevin trying to get a robotic bird in thetree. Max is tall so he helps him get it down.

How is max treat his dad in Freak the Mighty?

Max treats his dad in a kinda scared way. Max is quiet unless he is asked a question by his dad because if he doesn't answer the question or talks when he isn't asked to his dad gets mad. His dad also kidnapped him and tied Max up. One more reason Max is scared of his dad is that he saw him murder M ( Full Answer )

What does max dislike in freak the mighty?

Max dislikes his father in Freak the Mighty. The reason for this, is because his father does not believe in anything that he says or does, which is disheartening.

What is max last name from Freak the Mighty?

"Freak the Mighty" is a novel published in 1993 the primary character is Maxwell "Max" Kane a large very slow but kind hearted boy. He has a friend Kevin Avery nicknamed Freak

How is max treated by his father in Freak the Mighty?

freak the mighty, after max's dad gets let out of jail he is very rude and pretty muchabuses max. he ties him up and hurts him and makes him say yes sir after EVERYTHING. i have not read this book in a long time but i think he also tries to choke loretta lee.

How long was Mighty Max on television in the UK?

Mighty Max was aired in Britain for a total of 15 months, between September 1993 and December 1994. Its main purpose was to promote and advertise Mighty Max toys.