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Will a 91 Ford Ranger automatic transmission fit in a 95 Ford Ranger?


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2013-10-22 23:08:24
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Yes if they both have the same engine size and both are either 2wd or both are 4wd.

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it should fit as they both have the same engine but is it manual or automatic

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No. From 1983-84 Ford used the C3 transmission. A 1990 will not fit.

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As long as it is the same engine, you also have to swap some other parts out such as the clutch petal.

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If this is an AUTOMATIC transmission ( NO ) * starting with the 1995 model year of the Ford Explorer , the automatic transmission was electronically controlled ( I don't know about the 5 speed manual transmission )

The 1992 Ford Explorer uses an A4LD automatic transmission

1995 was the first year an electronically controlled automatic transmission was used in the Ford Explorer ( I believe it was called the 4R55E ) In the 1992 Ford Explorer an A4LD automatic transmission was used

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no the c4 is not compatible with the 302 you would need a c6

A 5.0 liter engine will fit in a 1994 Ford Ranger with some modifications. The position of the transmission, motor mounts, and wiring will all need to be changed.

Starting with the 1995 model year of the Ford Explorer the AUTOMATIC transmission was ELECTRONICALLY controlled ( so the answer would be no )

No. Ford Rangers may have a variety of manufacturers parts in one engine. For example, my Ranger has a Mitsubishi motor with a Mazda transmission.

Yes, if the 1999 Ford Escort also has an automatic transmission. The transmission type is a F-4EAT Application: * 1991-2002 Ford Escort * 1998-2003 Ford ZX2 Source:

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I believe that is one of the versions of an ( A4LD ) 4 speed automatic transmission

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If the F-150 has the Ford E4OD transmission, then yes, it will fit into the Ford Bronco. If it has the E6 automatic, however, you may have some issues.

Yes, a 2003 Ford Ranger tailgate will fit a 1993 Ford Ranger. As of July 2013, the average price of a new tailgate for a Ford Ranger is around $160, plus tax and shipping.

yes it will ,but use the torque converter from 89 trans

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