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Will a 95 cavalier transmission with the quad 4 bolt up to a 98 cavalier with the 2.4 Is the bell housing the same?

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Will a c6 transmission bolt up to a 351 modified?

Depends.if the bell ( where it covers the flywheel behind the motor) is a bog block.or small block bell housing. Like a small bell housing will bolt to a 302 and big bell.housing will bolt to.a 460

Will a 902 transmission housing bolt to a 4.0 liter engine?

I can't find a reference for the 902. The 904 will bolt up only if it has the correct bell housing on it

Will 302 bolt up were 4.6 was?

no, motor mounts are different as well as the transmission bell housing

Does a 3.3 transmission fit a 3.0 on a Plymouth Voyager?

No, different bell housing bolt pattern.

Will a Chevy 700r-4 transmission bolt on a 283 Chevy motor?

Yes, it has the same bell housing bolt pattern.

Where is the crank sensor on a 1997 intrepid?

It is on the right front of the transmission bell housing about 3 o'clock. If you are looking at the engine it will be on the left. There is 1 10mm bolt holding it downIt is on the right front of the transmission bell housing about 3 o'clock. If you are looking at the engine it will be on the left. There is 1 10mm bolt holding it down

Will a 4 speed transmission out of 76 ford with a 360 Bolt to the to bell housing of 300 straight 6?

No it won't the 360 has an almost perfectly round bell housing ..and the 300 6 is the small block bell housing which has the top two bolt holes higher so it will not line up

Will a 78 mustang 4 speed transmission bolt up to a 351 Cleveland?

The bell housing has to be replaced to bolt up to a 351 cleveland

What are the bolt size for manual transmission bell housing for a 94 ford ranger?

15mm and 13mm for starter bolts

Will a Ford F-250 352 motor bolt to a transmission for 351 motor?

no different bell housing

Will 1997 4l80e transmission work in a 1994 truck with 4l80e trans?

Nope, the 94 would be a half circle bell housing and the 97 would be a full circle bolt on bell housing.

Is a 2004R transmission bell housing a BOP bolt pattern?

Some 2004Rs are dual bolt pattern having 12 holes so they bolt to all GM divisions.

How do you remove transmission dipstick tube 1996 Jeep Cherokee?

the transmission dipstick tube is bolted (1bolt) to the left rear of the transmission bell housing. Remove bolt and pull up on the dipstick housing to remove it from the transmission fluid pan.

Where is the bell housing on a Ford F-150?

it is the part of the transmission that bolt to the engine and houses the torque converter / clutch

Which bolt to remove engine from transmission on 1989 Pontiac grand am 2.5?

Bell housing bolts and the torque converter bolts.

Will a ford 302-351w bolt to a 300 six cyl 4 speed bell housing?

The Ford 302 engine will not bolt to the 300 six-cylinder bell housing. A new bell housing or a Bell housing modification kit will need to be used.

Will a transmission for a Comanche 2.5 four cyl work with the 4.0 six cyl?

yes it will they have the same bell housing bolt up

Will a Chevrolet inline 6cyl transmission fit a Chevrolet 305?

Yes. They share the same bolt pattern at the bell housing to the block.

Will a 2.5 4-cylinder transmission bolt to a 3.0 6cyl engine in a 1993 dodge shadow?

No. Bell housing patterns are different.

Will a transmission from a 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager 3.3 interchange with a 3.0 1998 Chrysler Caravan?

No, bell housing bolt patterns are different.

How do you change crank sensor on 1999 Kia Sportage?

drivers side of engine underneath in the center of transmission bell housing 10 mm bolt

Can the same 3.5l dodge charger engine fit a 4speed or 5 speed transmission?

if you can find a bell housing that will bolt up to the engine you will be in business.

Can you put a Pontiac 400 block number 481988 in an 89 camaro rs and how would that be done?

No such engine as a Pontiac 400 Big Block. The back of the Pontiac engine block has a different bell-housing bolt pattern than the Chevrolet. Pontiac and Olds bell-housing bolt pattern match. Chevrolet and Buick match. Unless you have a dual bolt pattern transmission (GM did make them) the Pontiac engine won't bolt up to the the Chevrolet transmission.

Is a bell housing of a 12v Cummins the same bolt pattern as a 1997 5.9L V8 Ram?

No it is not. The diesel bell housing is much larger.

Will a jeep bell housing bolt up to a 2001 4.0 V6?