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There is no such thing as a 1997 Beretta. GM stopped making them in 1996.

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Q: Will a 97 beretta motor work in 97 cavaliers?
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97 Chevrolet Cavalier low and medium fan speeds does not work only on high what could be the problem?

You, my friend, need a new blower motor. My beretta did the same thing. Eventually even the high won't work. A replacement will run about 35 bucks at your local salvage yard.

Will a manual transmission from a 1994 K2500 work in a 1997 K2500?

It depends on what motor was in the 94 and the 97...if they are the same motor then yes the tranny will fit if the 97 is a manual as well

Where is the ICM on a 97 Beretta?

97? Wake up man....Berettas were made 88-96 ONLY!!!!!

Why would our 97 lesabre blower work sometimes and sometimes not?

If the blower motor randomly and intermittenly quits and does not work, chances are good the blower motor itself is faulty, if the blower motor does not work on all fan speeds from low through high, it most likely needs a blower motor resistor.

Will the intake off a 97 350 motor fit on a 88 motor?

No it will not. The bolt patteren is different on the intake and heads. Won't work.

Would a 97 4.0 jeep motor work in a 99 jeep needing a 4.0 motor?

The block is the same , manifolds and distributors, are all different.

Blower motor removal 97 gmc pickup?

Remove blower motor 97 GMC jimmy

Changed wiper motor and switch wiper still don't work on my 97 f150?

Check fuses and relays

Is a 1979 Chevy 350 motor the same as a 1997 Chevy 350?

NO. And it won't work in the place of the 97 350 vortec.

What would cause your blower motor to work on only one speed on a 97 Chevy k1500?

If the one speed it works on is high speed, it is the blower motor speed resisitor that is bad.

Can you put a 350 gm motor in your 97 ford f150 is there a kit?

Can you put a 350 gm motor in 97 ford f150

Will a 97 gst motor go in a 96 eclipse rs?

No, the GST runs the motor on the driver side, where the RS runs a motor on the passenger side. Everything will need to be changed to GST in order to work properly.

Why don't my 97 camaro Z28 cooling fans work?

coolant temp sensor, wiring, relay, bad fan motor

How to do a tune up on a 97 Chevy Beretta?

What exactly are you doing? or want to do? E-mail me directly and I'll help.

Where is the location of the ABS pump motor of a 97 jeep wrangler?

No abs on the 97.

Well a vtech motor from 97 Honda prelude fit regtrany from 2000 Honda civic?

The 97 Honda Prelude motor (h22a) will fit into a 2000 civic with custom mounts (available to purchase online), however you will need the h22a transmission, shift-linkage, axles, and ecu (full swap). The h22a motor will not work with the stock d-series transmission.

2.4 motor fit in 97 dodge neon?

It will fit after some major work. reshaping the firewall, finding/fabricating motor mounts are a start. check out

Can you put 97 Chrysler lhs motor in a 97 Chrysler sebring?

It is not a direct fit.

Is the blower motor resister for a 97 Cadillac Seville in the blower motor?

It's close to the blower motor.

Are 95 Chevy Cavaliers and 97 Chevy Cavalier parts compatible?

yes most are depends on engine and trans set up though

What do you think the problems is When your 97 safari heatair fan will not work on any speed?

your blower motor resistor is probably shoul dbe replaced.

How do I test the power seat motors in my 97 olds aurora They dont work at all Trying to figure out to buy motor or switch or what?

check the fuses.

Will a 95 Camaro motor fit in a 97 Camaro?

Yes. NEW ANSWER: Yes it will fit but the wireing harness,fuel pump and the computer system on the 97 will not hook up to the 95 engine So therefore it will not work.

Will 3.5l engine out of a 2007 Pontiac g6 work in a 97 cavalier?

you could put a 5.0 litre mustang cobra motor in a firefly with enough work, its not just gonna drop in though

You got a 97 ford f150 and the drivers window don't work but the other window works Any suggestion?

Check to see if you are getting power to the motor - if so probably a bad motor Check the operation of the switch