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Yes, You have to go through a tough process but yes a Canadian can become a Citizen by marrying an American.

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If an American citizen gives birth in Jamaica is the child considered an American or Jamaican citizen and will the child be able to go to America without paperwork

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Q: Will a Canadian become an American citizen by marrying an American citizen?
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Can you become an American Citizen by marrying a American Citizen?


Can you be automatically a citizen in Canada if a Canadian citizen marry you?

It is not possible to become a Canadian Citizen just by marrying a Canadian citizen. Citizenship cannot be acquired by marriage in any country.

Can a Canadian cross the border after marrying a us citizen?

Maybe it depends you could become a U.S but yes of course you can cross the border after marrying a U.S citizen but you will eventually if you live there have to become a U.S citizen

Can you become a Canadian Citizen by marrying a Canadian Citizen?

The answer is no. You still have to apply for Canadian Citizenship. The process does take a while. My friend who married a Canadian in Canada had to wait a year to officially live there.No.

Do you have to become an American citizen before marrying one?

Good question! I believe you should become one before marrying one.

Will a British citizen become a Canadian citizen by marrying a native Canadian?

No, they cannot. The Canadian spouse must sponsor the immigration. After living 3 years out of the past four years in Canada, then they can apply for Canadian citizenship.

How can a Canadian citizen become a US citizen?

can a Canadian citizen become us citizen

Is marrying a U.S Citizen in order to become a U.S citizen illegal?

Yes, marrying a U.S. Citizen in order to become a U.S. citizen is illegal.

What can happen if a US citizen married a Canadian citizen and never became a Canadian citizen?

he will stay American citizen....he has to apply to become a Canadian citizen or his wife has to apply for him and will have to tell the court that she has married him

Does marrying a Mexican citizen entitle me to become a Mexican citizen?


Can you become Dutch by marrying a Dutch citizen?

Yes you can become a Dutch citizen after marrying a Dutch only if you have lived for 5 years in Holland after that

Can a legal alien become citizen by marrying someone who is a citizen?

of course it can

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