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Q: Will a Chevy 350 transmission bolt on a 283 Chevy motor?
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Will a 400 transmission bolt on a 283 Chevy motor?


Will a Chevy 700R transmission bolt on a 283 motor?


Will a Chevy 700r -4 transmission bolt on a 283 motor?


Will a Chevy 700r-4 transmission bolt on a 283 Chevy motor?

Yes, it has the same bell housing bolt pattern.

Will a Pontiac 400 transmission bolt on a 283 Chevy motor?

The turbo 400 transmition is widely used, it just depends on what motor it was originally bolted to.

What size transmission fits on a 283 engine?

All Chevy transmission will bolt right to it up to the year 1999. After that year Chevy REDESIGNED the engines and transmissions.

Will a th350 transmission fit a 283 engine?

The Chevy 283 engine has the standard bellhousing configuration and is compatible with transmissions that bolt to first generation small blocks. The automatic TH350 transmission will fit the 283 engine.

Will a 1973 Camero 350 fit in 1959 Chevy truck?

It won't be a "bolt in". It won't bolt up to the original motor mounts or transmission bellhousing but, with a few more parts and lots of $ you can make it work. All small blocks (283, 327 & 350) have the holes on the front of the block for the "59" motor mounts. The tranny mount would have to be fabricated. You might check for adapters.

What temperature is a 1967 Chevy impala with a 283 motor run at?

A 1967 Chevy Impala with a 283 motor should run at a temperature between 180 and 195 degrees. The temperature is set by the thermostat which controls coolant flow.

Does Chevy have a 302 motor?

Chevy built a 302 in the late sixties. It used a 327 block with a 283 crank.

Will a 305 crankshaft fit on a 283 Chevy motor?

No. The length is ok, but the journals are different.

What is the difference between 350 Chevy engine and 283 Chevy engine?

Physically, they are the same exterior dimensions, but that's about it. Bore and stroke are different, rod journal diameter is smaller on the 283, heads bolt on, but no accessory mounting holes in 283, balancer is different. Carb and intake would interchange, distributor fits, bell housing bolt pattern is the same.

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