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Well, that depends, was the Conviction under the Motor Vehical Act, OR the Criminal Code?

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Q: Will a DUI violation 5 years ago prevent an employer from hiring you even if the position is not a driving position?
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Does driving records prevent an employer from offering a job?

A bad driving record might stop an employer from offering someone a job if the job involved driving. Also, if the driving record revealed a pattern of serious infractions such as multiple DUI's or suspensions, this might give the employer concern about the person's reliability.

You filled out a app with a company asking not to contact your employer at this time they did now you might loss your job?

This is a risk you must take whenever you search for a new position, there are no laws I'm aware of that prevent a prospective employer from contacting your current employer.

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There is nothing to prevent them from calling. There may be limitations regarding the questions and answers.

Can your employer legally prevent you from driving your vehicle if they feel that you are to ill?

Possibly. If it's a CDL that you need as a requirement of your job where they are insuring you & this may depend too on what STATE you live in. It also depends what the illness is. Is it a hangover? Vomiting? Blacking out? (you do not say). If an employer has KNOWLEDGE that you are in an incapacitated state or have had any illness that could put yourself or other drivers in peril, they may be held responsible for (allowing you to drive with the knowledge i.e. that your driving skills were altered, then) in that case that MAY have the Legal RESPONSIBILITY to prevent you from driving. I don't know that it's necessarily a RIGHT. I'd be glad that my EMPLOYER cared enough either way not to let me drive.

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Yes, An employer can allow to make you leave work early on a pay period to prevent from paying overtime wages.

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If you have a no compete contract with your previous employer it probably says you can't work on their clients for a period of time, usually two years. It does not prevent you from working for a competitor. It just prevents you from working on clients from your previous employer. If you don't have a contract the question is irrelevant.

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Wasting your time and that of the employer.

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Use __________ to prevent friends who have been drinking from driving.Positive peer pressurePersuasionBriberyManipulation

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Will having a misdemeanor prevent you from getting a job with a school district?

This shouldn't prevent you from getting a job. They are only seriously looking at felonies. A misdemeanor can be as simple as a traffic violation.

Can having 2 misderminor prevent you from getting a job with Walgreen's?

Walgreens is an equal opportunity employer. It all depends on where you stand with competing applicants for a position. ----- That depends on how bad they were, but it's highly doubtful that they would deny a job for 2 misdemeanors.

Can a felon be a legal secretary?

There is no restriction against a convicted felon becoming qualified to be a legal secretary. Your bigggest stumbling block might be finding an employer who would employ you with that kind of past record. But there is no law that would prevent you from holding such a position.

Can you get auto insurance after being caught driving without insurance?

You can get insurance anytime you like. A violation like that won't prevent you from getting insurance simply because insurance is a business, and the main goal just like every other business is to make money.

Can a DUI and Reckless Driving conviction prevent employment?


Is it legal for your employer to prevent you from carrying a concealed weapon in your vehicle?

It depends. A few states have passed laws that prevent employers from banning weapons in vehicles on the property, but in many states, it is not illegal and an employer can enforce basically any restrictions they see fit on their own property.

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Can an employer use email to discipline an employee?

Of course they can. They are the employer; they can do as they wish. Many companies discipline through e-mail to prevent any others from hearing in on the conversation. An added bonus is that you will not have to be embarrassed in front of your fellow workers. Only you and the employer will know what happened.