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yes, Diet Coke was the product we used increased growth of our violets significantly more than water. The reason is uncertain. Perhaps it is the CO2 or carbonation of the diet coke. Although I hesitate to believe that 100% because CO2 is a gas and if poured into soil the CO2 would probably just escape into the atmosphere, just as it does in a glass. It seems though when you drink a coke that there is still CO2 remaining because the diet coke doesn't become flat the moment you pour it. The ingredients in coke are carbonated water and acids, food coloring, caffeine, and potassium, along with others. I would say that that the potassium and phosphoric acids contribute to growth as well. Plants like mineral rich soils and fertilizers contain phosphates which is similar to phosphoric acid. I choose diet coke because it has no sugar to mold in the soil.

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Does water coke or milk make a plant grow faster?

Does water, coke or milk grow faster?

Would coke make a plant grow faster then using water?


What freezes faster coke or water?


Does salt dissolve faster in water or Coke?


What dissolves aspirin faster coke or water?

aspirin dissolves faster in coke because it is carbonated

What liquid causes an iron nail to rust faster water or coke?

coke will make it rust faster

Does starburst dissolve faster in coke or water?

it disolves better in coke.

Does a sugar cube dissolve faster in water or in coke?

I literally just did a project on this. Water dissolves a sugar cube faster than coke does.

How would coke help a plant grow?

I think it does because i di a science fair project the tomatoes tasted like a coke flavor and it grew faster than the water did

Does coke boil faster than water?

No, it does not.

What melt faster water coke or sprite?

Coke and sprite have higher melting points than water.

Does water coke or milk make plants grow faster?

milk and diet coke makes plants grow faster

Why cant you grow a plant with coke?

because plants need water to grow. ALTHOUGH coke has water but the osmotic pressure of coke water is very high hence its water is not available to the plant cells by osmosis.

What freezes faster coke water or milk?


Dose coke freeze faster than fresh water?

Water will freeze faster than Coke because Coke has more gas than water and gas takes more time to freeze than plain liquid

Why does a penny patina in Diet Coke faster than water or salt water?

The coke contains phosphoric acid

Will a nail rust faster in water or coke?

It will rust faster in fizzy, fresh coke because that has more oxygen, but as the coke sits out longer and loses CO2 the nail will begin to rust slower until water would make it rust faster.

Can ice melt faster in water tea or coke?

it will melt faster in coke because that is why it taste flat at some points when you leave it out

Does water evaporate faster than coke?


Can a plant substitute coke for water?

no it cant

Why does Diet Coke freeze faster than pepsi?

because pepsi has more water that coke

What will rust a nail faster orange juice coke or water?

coke because it has more acidity

What liquid dissolves pills faster water coke or alcohol?

it easy coke and relly it is not a lie

Do a plant grow faster in water or coke?

It depends on the plant, but generally it should grow faster in water, although the sugars in the coke [I'm assuming you mean Coca Cola] could have an effect. The high level of acidity from the carbonic acid would possibly desolve and destroy the plant. If you mean water instead of cocaine, then it once again depends on the plant - some plants need a drier environment to grow, others prefer to have wet roots. The cocaine would probably have very little effect on the growth of the plant.

Does water or coke make mold grow faster?

Coke would make mold grow faster... Sugar is food for the mold/fungus. Therefore, Coke with its high sugar content would make it grow faster.

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