Will a Diet Coke plant grow faster than a water plant Also why or why not?

yes, diet coke was the product we used increased growth of our violets significantly more than water. The reason is uncertain. Perhaps it is the CO2 or carbonation of the diet coke. Although I hesitate to believe that 100% because CO2 is a gas and if poured into soil the CO2 would probably just escape into the atmosphere, just as it does in a glass. It seems though when you drink a coke that there is still CO2 remaining because the diet coke doesn't become flat the moment you pour it. The ingredients in coke are carbonated water and acids, food coloring, caffeine, and potassium, along with others. I would say that that the potassium and phosphoric acids contribute to growth as well. Plants like mineral rich soils and fertilizers contain phosphates which is similar to phosphoric acid. I choose diet coke because it has no sugar to mold in the soil.