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Will a Mach 460 radio fit a 96 mustang GT with the premium radio?


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September 13, 2011 5:38PM

Depends what you mean. Mach 460 systems have been available in the Mustang since 1994. The early systems used separate Radios and CD players. Later models combined the two, and the newest models have a double sized head unit with an integral 6 CD changer. The latest units are wired different and will not swap directkly in. For your 96 Mustang, the head unit is the same as the normal Ford Radio, to make it a premium system its output was run through an amp then to the speakers. To make it a Mach system all the speakers were replaced with woofers and 4 additional tweeters were added. The tweeters are driven by a front amp like the premium system. The woofers are driven by two rear mounted amps. Two convert your system to a Mach 460 system you need the ream package tray box (coupe) which includes the Amps and rear woofers & Tweaters. You also need the woofers and tweeters for the doors. The doors are already wired for this. You move the existing speaker wires to the tweeter, and fine the unused wire and connect it to the woofers. You also need to replace the wiring harness that connect to the Amp and radio. The Mach 460 harness is similar but adds a feed that goes over the Steering column and ends below the hood release. This connects to a feed that runs to the rear woofers. All the mounting points for the wiring are there, you just need the wires. Something to note. If you add the Tweeters to the front doors you have to cut out a spot for them from the door panels, easy to do with a dremel. Later Mustangs dropped the portion of the speaker mount inside the door eliminating the need to cut the panel. You could do this as well, but would have to modify the wiring connectors. Overall an easy and very worthwile upgrade to the Mustang.