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Will a PS3 be able to go online if you plug a flash drive with a wireless network into the PS3?


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September 13, 2011 5:41PM

The Sony PlayStation 3 Computer Entertainment System, Sold by Sony Electronics of Japan, is one of the consoles considered to be the "Next-Gen" In console video gaming.

As an advanced and powerful console, the PlayStation 3 offerers a variety of media and connectivity options. All PS3 consoles have built in wireless connectivity. The use of a USB-based WiFi card is not needed.

If you need to connect to a WiFi network in your vicinity, Navigate in the XMB (Cross Media Bar) to Settings>Network>Internet Connection Settings. Here you will be able to scan for, and connect to all wireless access points in your vicinity.

To further clarify, the only way to possibly get a USB-based WiFi card to work with the PS3 would be through the use of a Linux Based operating system. Such OS for the PS3 are YellowDog Linux by Terrasoft, Fedora 6, and Ubuntu. In this operating environment it may be possible to install a driver to use a USB-Based WiFi card in the PS3 hardware.

THere is no need to because there is a wirless connector in the ps3.

You can get 3G internet by using any number of carriers, i have done it with AT&T and Verizon, no problems, it does work