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The only way they will pay for it is if it's medically necessary, and you are old enough. There is certain criteria. I am a 22 year old mother with 2 children. I have Midwest Health Insurance. For those of you who've never heard of this type of insurance, it is from the state. I called Midwest personally today and the woman I spoke with says that as long as you talk to your doctor and the two of you discuss the procedure over and he says thinks you would be a good person to have this procedure done, then the insurance will infact cover the entire thing! If you need the number to Midwest Insurance for any questions that you may have or how to go about getting this insurance the number is 1-888-654-2200. It is really worth it. Now that I know for sure that my insurance does cover it, I'm going for it! Here are a list just in cast anyone wants to know the prices of other Birth Control methods...this is without the help of insurance companies. Some estimated costs of contraception, without insurance coverage: * Ortho-Evra hormone patch: About $38 per month * NuvaRing hormone ring: About $40 per month * Essure sterilization device: $1,300-$2,200 * Mirena intrauterine device: $600-$650 Birth-control pills: $15-$35 per month (depends on the brand name, or if it's the generic brand). Vasectomy :$250 - $400 for males: Maybe 1 person and probably no one out of that group of 100 will cause a woman to become pregnant. (To be more exact, if 1000 men have a vasectomy, between 1 and 2 may cause a woman to become pregnant in the first year.) hey guys i had my tues and was on state ins. at the time it was by choice the only requirement you must have is to be 21 yrs. of age. you have to sign consent for it like 6 mths. before the date. they paid for all of it i am a 22 year old mother of 2 and i have state insurance. I got my tubal done october of last year and the only requirement was i had to be 21 and had to wait for a 30 day waiting period. they paid 100% of the bill I suggest, if your on a state insurance plan you look into them paying it pretty deeply. As I was on Arkansas state insurance (medicaid) and needed the tubal done. I had lots of problems while being pregnant, doctor said it really needed to be done and medicaid would cover it. Well here I am 2yrs later with a big fat butt bill because the state insurance did not cover it!!

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Q: Will a State Medical Card pay for a tubal ligation?
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