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If they're both the 1.0 and either both automatic or both stick, it should. If one's an auto and other stick, it won't work because the crank shaft pilot holes are not the same size.

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โˆ™ 2006-07-04 23:48:21
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Q: Will a Suzuki Sidekick motor fit into your 97 Geo Metro 3cylindar and if so will it bolt to your transmission or do you have to change that too?
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you forgot to say what transmission. 3p 4p or 5sp all are diff. answer, drain then fill to mark see owner manual, free at all suz, dealers. the 3sp is the dog, it has no drain, so need hUGE drain pan.

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no, but it sure makes the job a whole lot easier

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Unless you are very well versed in mechanics and have a lift and holding fixtures for the engine, take it to the garage.

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The fuel pump on a 1992 Suzuki Sidekick is located in the fuel tank itself. To replace it, you will need to drain the fuel tank, remove the hoses leading to it, and then the tank itself. Once the tank is down, you can swap out the fuel pump. Be sure to disconnect the battery before starting to avoid any accidental sparking.

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These are as detailed instructions as I've found. I'd love a work-around if anyone finds it but it's no small job, according to my research:

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first change the blower resistors first , way easier and #1 cause of motor dead. after main switch and fuse. the procedure is long and hard. you need to go to the library and print out the chiltons e-sources on that .

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pull glove box door. pull resistor block. see hard to find parts here. world wide web dot kick-fix dot com (<dig?)

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To change the CVT gear oil in Suzuki Swift, you need a 4L can for your car.

What type of tool do you use to change your transmission oil for 2006 suzuki forenza or what size tool?

Grind down a 1/2 inch square socket, works great

How do you change the username on a sidekick 3?

Call Customer Care Service.

How do you change transmission fluid in a 1996 suzuki intruder 1400?

I miss my old Intruder 1400 ... Great bike! The "transmission fluid" on a Suzuki Intruder is the normal engine oil, just as it is on most manual transmission vehicles. It uses the same oil from the crankcase reservoir, so every time you change your oil, you are also changing the transmission fluid. Just a quick money saving tip on changing your oil on this bike: you don't need to buy the expensive motorcycle oil filter. There is a standard automobile oil filter that will fit the threading and gasket of the Intruder. Since the automotive filter has a larger volume of filtration, it will actually work better than the more expensive OEM filter on the Suzuki.

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