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Will a bad thermostat cause a car to die and not start back up?


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Not usually. But it will cause it to overheat. What kind of car?

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Yes a bad thermostat would cause overheating in any car. A thermostat regulates the temperature.

A bad thermostat can cause an overheat. A bad temp sensor can show an overheat when the temperature is normal.

No. The thermostat is not likely to be the cause.

By itself, the thermostat would have to be stuck closed causing a severe overheat condition to cause a loss of power.

Bad thermostat, cap and radiator is a common cause.

I've actually heard a bad thermostat can cause the evaporator core to malfunction.I've also heard of some a/c compressors will shut off if the engine temp gets to high which could be a thermostat issue. No, the thermostat has no effect on the battery or on the A/C. A thermostat either works correctly or it will stick open or stick closed. Sticking open will cause the engine to never reach full operating temperature, and as such your heater will not work properly. A thermostat stuck closed will cause the engine to overheat.

U take the thermostat out, get a pot of water, put the thermostat in it and start it to boiling. When the water reaches the temp that the thermostat is designed to operate at it should open , if not , it is defective

Thermostat may be bad; or you may have a bad temperature sending unit You may have blown a head gasket when it overheated if you continued to drive the truck.

A bad thermostat, or in rare cases, a bad water pump.

Low Colant level, Bad thermostat, Bad sensor, cracked head

bad thermostat or bad heat gasket

Yes, one bad cell in a car battery will cause the car not to start.

Most of the time it is because the thermostat has gone bad and is not opening at the proper temperature. Cure: replace thermostat. If the thermostat has been replaced, flush the radiator. Buildup of residue in the bottom of the radiato0r will cause overheating, but it is maintained over heating, not temporary.

It will cause it to run sluggishly.

A bad thermostat can cause overheating in a Nissan Frontier when the air conditioning is turned on. A bad compressor can also cause this.

A bad thermostat or a bad clucth on the fan. Could be timing but not likely.

Not directly, but it can crack or blow your head gasket. (Which will cause white smoke) Happened to me =(

Yes, a thermostat opens and closes in response to the temperature in the cooling system under normal conditions. If it is sticking it can cause fluctuations in the radiator coolant temperature.

A defective thermostat can cause the engine to overheat. It can also cause the engine to not reach full operating temperature if the thermostat is stuck open. It is possible this could set the check engine light.

If it is stuck open, the answer is yes. When in doubt, just replace it.

Yes a thermostat will cause any vehicle to over heat, just go to local parts dealer and get thermostat and replace it and if that does not work take to SAE trained professional techination.

A bad crankshaft sensor on a 2.3 Ford may cause the car to not start. A bad crankshaft sensor can crank, just not start.

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