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Will a birth certificate and ID work when flying from Aruba to the US?

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"Will a birth certificate and ID work when flying from Aruba to the US?" The answer to this question will differ depending upon various factors unique to your situation. All of the following information applies only to U.S. citizens. Citizens of other countries must check with the U.S. Consulate in their own home country to determine entry requirements for the United States. This information is crucial to ensure you don't lose your money for the airline ticket, so please read the answer in full. The answer is more complicated than a simple yes or no :) So, assuming the traveler in question is a U.S. citizen: 1. I highly reccommend carrying a passport when traveling abroad. A passport is the most legally valid proof of citizenship and proof of identity, neatly combined within one federally issued document. However, for travel to certain nations, and only valid through 2006 for travel by air or sea, a certified copy or original birth certificate, issued by the State (NOT the hospital - Hospital certificates are NOT legal documents), with a raised seal embossed or produced on certain, legally accepted watermarked paper, and accompanied by a government issued photo ID will provide proof of citizenship and proof of identity. The birth certificate must be considered a LEGAL Document - and not all birth certificates (even if considered legal in the past) are currently legal. If you insist upon travelling to the Caribbean with a birth certificate, I highly recommend that you show your travel agent the document PRIOR to purchasing your tickets. If the airline feels your document is not valid, they will deny your boarding without compensation. They can be fined by the government if they allow you to board without proper documentation and, trust me, they won't make ANY exceptions. Also, keep in mind that while you are traveling, should you decide to take a side-trip (Venezuala is quite close to Aruba), you have Another Country's entry requirements to contend with (ie. Venezuala requires passports of US citizens). 2. The United States is currently in the process of changing passport requirements for all travel outside our borders. On Jan. 8, 2007 a passport will be required to re-enter the U.S. by air or sea regardless of the visited country's requirements. If you plan to re-enter the U.S. on or after Jan. 8th 2007, you must provide a passport. 3. You ask about flying from Aruba to the U.S. and I am answering with the understanding that you will first fly from the U.S. to Aruba. The country of Aruba has requirements of it's own. If you plan to be there longer than 3 months, you must obtain a visa. Upon arrival in Aruba, you must present return or onward airline tickets with a date of less than 3 months in the future. Otherwise, Aruba will deny you entry. Also, when departing Aruba, there is a departure tax you must pay ($20 U.S. the last time I was there) in cash at the airport. 4. I urge you to go to and investigate all of this information yourself. There is a wealth of information there including State Department consular pages for individual nations, entry requirements, fact sheets for travelers, checklists, and links to other pages to learn about customs and FAA requirements. Also, please understand Customs Requirements for U.S. citizens upon re-entry. You will have to pay duty (tax) on items you purchase abroad that exceed certain allowable limits. Again, is your source for information. A well-informed traveller has the best experience abroad. I hope this answer has been helpful. I have been travelling extensively and offering advice to travelers for 20 years. I can't stress enough the need to educate yourself about your destination. Common sense and logic do not seem to apply when governments write the rules and when governments are involved, the only option you have is to comply. I urge you to use a local, well-respected, experienced travel agent at least for your first few journeys. His or her advice is invaluable and usually free to you. Bon Voyage!

2006-08-28 15:34:11
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Q: Will a birth certificate and ID work when flying from Aruba to the US?
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Americans can work as employees in Aruba only if no qualified local applicant is available.Aruba has a skilled labor force and low unemployment. Jobs are only offered to non-Arubans if no Aruban is qualified or available to fill the position. Two permits are required to live and work on Aruba. A residence permit is required for residing in Aruba for more than 3 months. The future employer is required to complete the application for a work permit.Permits are available from the Department for Integration, Policy and Admission of Aliens [Departamento di Inegracion, Maneho y Admision di Stranhero, DIMAS]. Their address is Wilhelminastraat 31-33, Oranjestad, Aruba. Their phone number is [297] 522-1500. Their fax number s [297] 522-1505. Their email address is