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Will a birth certificate and ID work when flying from Mexico to the US?

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Will a birth certificate and social security card work in the place of photo ID for flying?


Will a US birth certificate work when flying?

No. You cannot board a commercial flight, either domestic or international, with only a birth certificate. You must show valid, government-issued photo ID for a domestic flight and a valid passport for an international flight.

How can an adopted person find their birth mother?

Ask your adoptive mother or father to see your birth certificate (if possible) or your adoption certificate. The birth certificate will probably help a little more, but the adoption certificate will work just fine. These documents are KEY in finding your birth mother.Find your birth mother's name. It should be on the certificate.Google her!

If the girl have no id card for court marriage then what will she do?

Birth Certificate will work

I am traveling to Baja Mexico and don't have a passport but i have a California drivers licence and original county birth certificate will this work to allow me to come back into California?

If you are traveling by car, it would. If you are traveling by plane, you can't.

What is the legal body piercing age for minors with parental consent in Oklahoma?

14. but you MUST have your birth certificate and your parent present with both your ID's and the names on the ID's must be exact as the ones on the birth certificate. youe do not however have to have your original birth certificate, a copy will work. and all of this applies for tattoos, except you must be 17 not 14.

Who has an unused birth certificate for buildabearville because mine wont work?

nooo one lats unleagal to ask

Is it compulsory for every child to have birth certificate?

Yes,its very important for every child to have a birth certificate.some work places and schools can ignore one without it.

Where in Kenosha Wisconsin can you obtain a work permit?

1418 68th st. bring your ss card. birth certificate and $5.00

Replacement birth certificate?

If you've lost or misplaced your birth certificate it's very important that you obtain a replacement. In order to obtain a replacement birth certificate you're going to need some proof of id. Every states requirements are different but you're likely to need at least a couple of forms of id. Like a social security card, passport or drivers license. Go to the CDC website, once there you can click on the state where you was born. You will then receive the info that you need to order a replacement birth certificate. Then you can write to the Office of Vital Statistics in the state where you was born. Be sure to include a check or money order for the birth certificate copy. Or you can use a service like Vital Check which will for a fee will do all of the hard work and obtain the birth certificate for you.

If you were born in UK but live in Australia and are going to UK to work and need birth certificate to apply for National Insurance number will a replacement certificate show a legally changed surname?

Your birth certificate reflects your name when you were born. Other certificates (wedding, name change, etc.) would be needed to verify that you are the same person.

How can you find out if someone has been deported from the US?

Lying Is Always Bad,But In This Case Tell Them The Pounds Giving Away Dogs,But You Have To Show Your Birth Certificate,If That Doesnt Work Try Getting Them A Job That Involves Birth Certificate,Or If That Doesnt Work Get Them Into Real Estate Then They Have No Choice,If All Else Fails,Just Come Out And Ask.

Can an illegal alien marry a US citizen?

yes, if they have a state issued ID, a birth certificate, and they money for the license. or you can just use your Country's identification, such as 'matricula', visa, passport, anything with your name and information. A birth certificate would also work. good luck!

how to remove a father from a birth certificate?

If there is an error on a birth certificate, you can ask the hospital which issued the birth certificate to correct the error. If, however, the birth certificate is correct, but you don't like the father and wish to remove his name in order to deprive him of his right to be part of his child's life, that is a matter than can only be dealt with by the courts, and even then, while they might award you sole custody of the child, they would not alter a birth certificate, which, after all, is supposed to report the facts pertaining to that birth. It is not intended as a work of fiction, to be revised at will by the author or editor. Otherwise, lots of people would pick wealthy people such as Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, and then put those names on birth certificates and sue for child support. It's not that simple.

How do you get build a bear ville to work?

Go to the build a bear store click on the cashier and type in the secret code on your birth certificate

Is a passport necessary for a cruise to Mexico leaving from California in March 2009 or will a certified birth certificate work?

In March, '09, a U.S. citizen could still get by with a birth certificate (and accompanying documents reflecting any name change). Now, in the fall of '09, a valid U.S. passport is required. OR, go to the post office and apply for a "passport card." The card is good for U.S. citizens returning from Mexico, Canada, or Caribbean destinations. This is cheaper than a regular passport, mailed to you within a week, and they take your photo right there at the post office!

How old do you need to be to work in Oregon?

The minimum age for a minor to work in Oregon is 14 years. Appropriate proof documentation is required. This can be in the form of a passport, birth certificate etc.

What is the present form of fly?

Fly -- I fly to work Flies -- She flies to work Flying -- We are flying to work

Can you cash a check with a birth certificate?

No. You need a form of picture id with your residence on it. (place of living) school id's , birth certificates will not work u need a state id or a drivers license/learners permit.

Where will a pediatric nurse certificate allow me to work?

A pediatric nurse certificate will allow you to work in a clinic or hospital that specializes in pediatrics.

What is the legal age to get a tattoo in Shreveport Louisiana?

I work at Skinworks here in Shreveport, Louisiana. We are a fully operated, licensed tattoo studio registered with the State of Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals. The legal age is 16 with a photo I.D., Birth Certificate, and Parent with Photo I.D. matching the parent on the Birth Certificate.

Will birth certificate work for id on a plane?

If you're a minor, yes. Otherwise you'll most likely need a picture ID. It doesn't have to be a drivers license, a state ID will work just as well.

Was the flying thing in assassins creed 2 really work i mean i thought leonardos invention of the flying thing didnt work?

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Can a felon get a teaching certificate?

yea if they prove they are not a felon and work hard in life to get that teaching certificate.

Experience certificate format for an generator mechanic?

work experiences certificate for generator mechanic and electrician