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Will a black bear eat a deer?


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Yes. Black bears will eat deer that have been caught by another predator or another bear, or one that they have hunted themselves.


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Yes a bear does eat a deer.

If it is a Brown Bear or an American Black Bear, they will eat roots, fruits, moss, grass, branches, leaves, Salmon, Trout, and Bark. On occasions, they will eat White Tailed Deer, Mule Deer, Elk, and Moose.

Yes. Bears do eat deer.

No! But sometimes a bear will eat a newborn deer. Deers are herbivores, they only eat plants.

No. The black bear would see the deer as an easy prey for it to kill.

deer eat grass and twigs and bear eat grass also

Mountain lions, wolfs, Black bear, Grizzly, Kodiak brown bear, coyotes, and some times a large hawk or eagle will kill a young deer

Yes, if the alligator is dead and the black bear is hungry. But American black bears would eat creatures like deer, berries, fruits, and sometimes (bison, buffalo, or moose) calves.

If a black-bear is hungry it will eat ANYTHING. So therefore a black-bear will eat a cat.

a puma would eat a black bear.

Yes. A brown bear, especially a grizzly bear, would kill and eat a black bear.

They eat meat. Like elk, bear, and deer.

yes bears are carnivors

An Asian black bear, yes. American black bear, no.

Yes. Any type of bears eat deer.

black bear maybe do eat river otter

Yes. If the lion kills the black bear it will eat it if necessary.

Black bear eats cranberries.

they ate deer and bear and plants

Black bears eat grizzly bear cubs, elk, young moose, deer, caribous, bugs, leaves, berries, fruits, and grass.

other types of bears such as the grizzly/brown bear eat black bears

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