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Will a block of aluminum sink or float in a pool of mercury?

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i aslo got this answere supported by my teachers and my advanced science ; science book. word for word. p.s. thank all of you other users for posting you comets ect...

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Would a block of aluminum float or sink in a pool of mercury at room temperature with a density of 13.6?

A block of aluminum will float on a pool of mercury at nearly any temperature (except at extremely elevated temperatures (above 350 °C) where mercury is no longer liquid) The density of aluminum is 2.70 grams per cm3, whereas the density of mercury is 13.53 grams per cm3. Therefore mercury is more than 5 time more dense than aluminum! Anything that is less dense than a liquid will float in that liquid. Not only would aluminum float but it float with only 1/5 of it's volume submerged.

Can a sheet of steel float?

A sheet of steel would float in a pool of mercury.

Do pool thermometers contain mercury?

Most pool thermometers do not contain mercury. An easy way to tell if a pool thermometer contains mercury is if it sinks to the bottom of the pool rather than float.

If you drop a piece of lead into a pool of mercury will it sink or float?

Lead would float in mercury, as it is slightly less dense. (11.3 g/cc for lead, 13.5 g/cc for mercury)

Will a block of aluminum sink in a pool of water?

Aluminium is 2.7 times denser than water. When in water it will sink below the surface, being more dense. Another way to look at the problem is to say that the aluminum, on displacing its own volume of water, will receive upthrust equal to the weight of water displaced and will thus seem lighter. As the upthrust will be less than the weight of the block, it will not be sufficient to cause the block to float.

Is it easier to float in the ocean or swimming pool?

Unless there is a lot of salt in the pool the ocean is easier to float in.

What if you die in the pool?

you float...

Is it better to float in a pool or a ocean?

a ocean because the salt water makes you float and a pool water doesn't.

Why is the pool good for your muscels?

because u swim in the pool and it relaxes Ur body when u float on a float! DA!

Where do you use pool float?

In the pool, or in any large body of water.

Can rocks float?

Pumice floats in water, but for other rocks you'd need to find a fluid that's more dense than the rocks to float them in. For example, mercury is almost 6 times as dense as granite, so a lump or slab of granite will ride right up there high in a pool of mercury.

Is a solid always more dense then a liquid?

No. Otherwise, nothing would float. If wood were more dense than water, it would sink. Steel is less dense than liquid mercury- a steel bolt will float on a pool of mercury. Ice- a solid, is less dense than liquid water.

Which is a better above ground pool steel resin or aluminum?

Aluminum is a better material. It will not rust like a steel resin pool. It can also be recycled when the pool is no longer usable.

If you were to walk over a pool of mercury would you sink?

You are way less dense than mercury, so you would actually float. However, you would also probably get a lot of heavy metal poisoning and nervous system abnormalities.

You experience what when you float in a swimming pool?


Will a wheel barrel float in a pool?

Yes it will.

When adding aluminum sulphate to swimming pool should the filter be running?

Add the aluminum sulphate to the pool. Run the filter for two hours. Wait overnight to vacuum the bottom of the pool.

Why will a cork float in a swimming pool?

A cork has a low density. It is lower then water. That causes it to float.

Does cigarettes float to the top of a swimming pool?


Do glow sticks float in a pool?

yes it dosent

Will Jupiter float in a swimming pool?

yes it would

How can a person float in a swimming pool?

There is more water in the swimming pool - than the person weighs.

How To Enjoy a Unique Pool Float?

Fun in the swimming pool is even more fun with a great pool float. It’s surprising how many unusually unique pool floats are available on the market today. For more fun in the pool, shop around and find some of these great floats. One type of pool float is a labyrinth island. This is a large square float that eight children can ride on and an adult can sit in the middle. The children can hang down into the water and hold on to the side of the hole in this float. They can also sit right on top of the opening and have fun riding it that way. There are many ways to use this float, and heads will turn when this giant float is seen in a swimming pool. Another clever type of float is a pizza party float. This float is round, like a pizza, and appears that the pizza has triangle-shaped cuts, just like a real pizza. This is more for the older kids and adults as they will lay across the top of it and float around. This amazing pool float will also get a lot of attention in the swimming pool. There are still the very common and popular swim rings for the little ones. However, there are also the ducky baby seats and other forms of baby seats as pool floats for the kids. These are actually small innertubes that have a seat inside, and even have a chair back for the child’s comfort. The animal floats are cute with the face of the animal right in the front. This is a good way for the little ones to overcome their fear of the water and be able to float around without worrying about sinking. The very elegant and relaxing pool float is the lounge with a canopy. This canopy is great while keeping the head and upper body in the shade on those hot sunny days. It can be lowered while doing some sunbathing. It’s very hard to get out of the pool while floating around on this pool float. There are also cup holders and cd player pockets to keep you even more spoiled while out in the pool. No matter what type of pool float you enjoy, it’s the best way to spend a peaceful day on the water while riding on a wonderful pool float.

Why is it easier to float in the sea than the swimming pool?

It is easier to float because the sea water is denser than water found in a swimming pool. This is caused by the salt in the oceans.

Is there mercury in pool thermometers?

Not all pool thermometers have mercury in them. Some types do, but those that use digital or laser technology most likely do not.