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Will a blood test or urine test show you are pregnant earlier and how soon are they reliable?

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A urine test will show results after you have missed your period. Some can show results the day of your period. A blood test will show results a lot sooner. I don't know when, but probably the day of or after you conceived. Depending on the urine test used, the more sensitive ones on the market now can detect a low as 15IUL of HCG, these HPT's are sold mostly on the internet, First Response Early and Clear Blue Easy Early are also accurate in lower concentrations but the HCG levels must be 25 IUL's, First Response may claim as low as 20 IUL but not sure. The blood test can be accurate as much as 6 days after implantation. The urine tests vary, the early tests say 4 days before expected period, but you can still get false -'s if you don't have enough of the hcg hormone.

2005-02-07 21:31:00
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Q: Will a blood test or urine test show you are pregnant earlier and how soon are they reliable?
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Why do you have blood in your urine and you are not pregnant?

I am a nurse and you NEED to go get this checked out...If there is blood in your urine this is NOT normal.

Can white blood cells in the urine mean your pregnant?


Could blood in your urine mean you are pregnant from intercourse you had just after a menstrual cycle?

blood in urine usually means a UTI.

How does a doctor tell if you are pregnant?

They do a blood or urine test to find the hormones that indicate you are pregnant

How early can a doctor detect your pregnant?

There are two types of pregnancy tests available though your Dr, blood and urine. Blood tests can show positive 8-10 days past ovulation and urine tests are most reliable 14-16 days past ovulation.

Can you be pregnant if you had 4 neg home preg tests and 1 doctor that said you are not pregnant based on a blood and urine test and one doctor that said inconclusive based on a urine test?

As you had a blood test, you are definitely not pregnant. The blood test is 100% accurate.

What does it mean if there is blood in your bunny's urine?

ANSWER It means that the bunny is pregnant! Congratulations!

Can you be pregnant and get a false urine test but positive blood test?


How does the doctor exam you to see if you are pregnant?

Through blood and urine tests.

Why does my vagina smell while I'm pregnant?

like urine and blood

Could you be pregnant if you have blood in your urine?

No, having blood in your urine means it's time to see the doctor. It has to be some sort of infection; viral or bacterial.=When you're pregnant, you will have spotting in place of your normal menstrual cycle.=

How long after fertilization until your pregnant?

Typically the best time to test for pregnancy is 2 wks after you ovulate. Enough HCG has built up in your urine to cause a urine pregnancy test to turn positive. Blood tests may identify pregnancy earlier.

If im peeing blood are you pregnant?

Blood in urine is a sign of urinary infection -- not a sign of pregnancy. You need to see a doctor to evaluate your urine and to get an antibiotic if you do have an infection.

What does it mean if you have blood in your urine while pregnant?

See your doctor ASAP! If you have a bladder infection it can be very dangerous as pregnant.

What is a method to check whether you are pregnant or not?

A urine home pregnancy test or a urine test at the doctor or a blood test at the doctor.

You had unprotected sex. but your partner did not ejacuate inside you . you have pukish feeling and some blood in your urine. can you be pregnant?

Yes possibly as the man doesn't have to ejaculate to make you pregnant, however blood in your urine doesn't mean you are pregnant- you could have just broken your hymen

Can your urine test be neg and you have a pos blood test?

yes your urine test can be neg and have a pos blood test because if your urine test was done too soon your hormones may not be to the level that they need to be to register on the urine test. If your blood test is pos then you are pregnant. It is more acurate than the urine test.

Could you be pregnant if you have spotting last month instead of having regular periods but urine test come out to be negative?

You are very possible to be pregnant. The best thing to do is go get a blood test, urine tests are not 100% right, blood tests are. Plus if you are pregnant, it would be best for the doctor to know and see why there was blood spotting.

Can you test for pregnancy without blood urine or home test?

Yes. You can have an ultra sound but most Dr's will not do one unless you have been confirmed pregnant by a blood and/or a urine test.

Why does blood smell like ammonia?

It is the urine not the blood. It comes from amino acids being broken down. Could you be pregnant?

Is it possible to be pregnant and get a negative urine test at the doctor?

Yes it is possible. Only for-sure way to know if your pregnant is a blood test. But also its rare when a urine test says negative when it is positive.

Will medicenters send you for blood test if you ask so you can find out if your pregnant that way?

Yes medicenters will send you for a blood test to find out if you are pregnant. But a urine test would do the job.

Can you have a positive urine test at the doctor s but still have a negative blood test and be pregnant?


Can you be pregnant if you had a urine pregnancy test but your stomach is getting harder should you go and have a blood test?

Yes, go and have a blood test

Can you be pregnant if first urine test says positive then have a period then urine test come back negative but shows up in blood test as being pregnant?

You should consult a doctor, see what they say.