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I really don't know for real but I've had this budgie for 6 month and I was working at home during that time, later on I've got a full time job and had to leave her unattended during the day. Finally she got sick and after couple of days it got worse and worst and last night I watched her dying in the cage, poor thing, it really made me sad . But generally it is like humans, what happens if they are left alone ! They get sick, well won't die for sure perhaps , but don't leave your bird alone, it makes it vulnerable to diseases.

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โˆ™ 2008-09-17 05:20:21
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Q: Will a budgie die without a companion?
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Why did your budgie die?

there is multiple reasons why your budgie might have die Your budgie could have died from old age (they usually getto the age of 6 years or older) Your budgie also might of died due to sickness

Will a budgie die from eating cheesepuffs?

a budgie will not die from eating cheesepuffs unless it eats too many. cheesepuffs are very low in nutrition and are not at all good for your budgie

Why is your budgie not flying?

Your budgie may have its wings clipped, so it can't die.

How long can a budgie live without food?

a budgie will starve to death in two days

Can a budgie die from a wet bottom?

No they cant. Dont worry, Your budgie will be just fine

Can a budgie fly without tail feathers?


Can a budgie die in Australia winter of 10 degrees celsius?


How long can a budgie survive without food?

only about a day and a half.

Why does your girl budgie attack your new boy budgie and not your old girl budgie?

The girl budgie would attack the new boy budgie and not the old girl budgie because she is used to the other girl budgie and is not familiar to the new boy budgie.

Are the companion cell without nuclei?

It does not consist of nuclei

How do you say budgie in German?

budgie = Wellensittich

Can a budgie be albino?

yes a budgie can be albino. you can also get a lutino budgie which is yellow with red eyes

What budgies are rare?

English clearwing budgieblack and white budgieAustralian clearwing budgie

Why does my female budgie keep on fighting with my male budgie?

Please answer meeeee PS: They live in the same cage

What can kill a budgie?

Budgies can die from diseases, respiratory illnesses, the wrong food and stress.

Can a budgie soar without flapping?

Budgies do not soar. They fly, and to do so, they must flap their wings.

How do you get your budgie to eat vegtebles?

I got my parakeet, or budgie, to really love carrots without much of a trouble by peeling it into peices with a peeler and feeding them to her. Be sure to not give her the rough outside of the carrot, but the inside.

Why did your budgie kill your other budgie?

if you have a budgie for quite awhile and then get another budgie your original budgie will get territorial and attack the newer bird. If this is the case you need to get to cages and slowly show the new budgie to the older budgie. keep doing it again and again until eventually you should be able to keep the two birds in one cage.

What is the contraction of budgie?

Budgie IS the contraction. The full name is Budgerigar.

What is a whistling budgie?

A budgie that whistles... Isn't it obvious?

What is the height of a budgie?

the height of a budgie is 5'9 xD...

What is the Australian parakeet more commonly known as?

Budgie Budgie

What do you do if a budgie has a dry cere?

Its a sighn of a sickness.So separate that budgie.

What is the latin name for budgie?

the latin name for budgie is Periqueto

What is the scientific word for budgie?

The sientific word for a budgie is Budgerigar