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No. The horizontal distance depends on how close the the ground the gun is. From the firing position, a bullet dropped to the ground will strike the ground in the same time as a bullet shot horizontally forward.

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Q: Will a bullet travel the same distance straight up that it would horizontally?
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How far will a bullet travel?

The distance a bullet will travel is dependent upon many factors. The three greatest factors in determining the distance a bullet will travel are caliber of the bullet, the weight of the bullet, and the trajectory used when firing the weapon. Many ammunition manufacturers provide "maximum" distances on the individual packages of each type of bullet.

How far does a bullet fired from a gun travel horizontally?

Too many variables to answer. Could be anywhere from inches to miles.

What effects gun distance?

Assuming you mean the distance the bullet can travel, some things are: weather, windage, surface terrain, bullet weight, cartridge specs,

How far will a 22 bullet travel when fired?

200 yards straight, 2 miles at an angle.

How far is the firing distance range of Beretta caliber 9mm bullet?

A bullet from a handgun can travel, on average, about a mile.

Travel distance of a 50 caliber bullet?

Over two miles

What is the maximum distance best sniper bullet can travel?

800,000 feet

Does an ak 47 bullet go straight?

It is impossible for a bullet to fire straight. In order to hit a target 100 yards away it has to travel a few inches above the target when it is 50 yards away, then at the 1/2 way 50 yard point gravity overcomes the upward trajectory and starts pulling the bullet down. All bullets travel in an arc, the further you are away from the target the larger the arc. Also long distance snipers have to aim the shot a few feet to the right or left of the target to overcome the effect of wind. Also the earths rotation causes the Coriolis Effect which will change the direction of the bullet at long distances. The bottom line is that no bullet will ever travel in a straight line

How far will a 22 caliber bullet travel?

Unimpeded, a .22LR caliber bullet can travel up to 2000 yards. Its effective distance is, of course, much shorter than that.

Can a body thrown horizontally from top of building travel in straight path?

It will travel in a straight line as far as the x and z axises are concerned however in the Y axis the bodies path will be a inverted parabolic.

What are the purpose of rifling in the gun?

The purpose is to make the bullet spin as it leaves the rifle. The spin makes the bullet travel in a straight line, and allows for accurate shooting at longer distances.

How far can a 12gadje bullet travel?

Are you interested in knowing how far a 12 gauge slug will travel, or are you looking for the distance various loads of shot will travel?

What is the difference between actual distance traveled and straight line distance?

Actual distance travel is the total distance you actually traveled, including all the loops and curves. Straight line distance is the direct distance between the 2 places, in a straight line without a curve

What is the approx distance a paint ball gun will shoot?

held completely horizontally a paintball will travel around 300 feet.

How can a ball be thrown that it reaches the longest distance across vertically horizontally angled?

if the bal is thrown by making 45 degree angles. with the will travel maximum distance...

In the absence of air resistance a thrown ball will travel the greatest horizontal distance if thrown at what angle?

The answer is 45 degrees. If given the same velocity, and thrown at say...10 degrees, to the ground, then the distance it would travel is the same as the distance it would travel if it were thrown 80 degrees. Complementary angles end up at the same distance horizontally.

What is the travel distance from Tokyo Japan to Kyoto Japan?

About 3 hour ride on the Shinkansen ( Bullet Train).

How far 380 caliber bullet can travel?

how far does 380 bullet travel

Why is the distance people have to travel to get somewhere often longer than the actual distance between two places?

It is because the distance you have to travel between to places never have a straight path from point to point.

Does a higher muzzle velocity equal a longer range?

All other factors equal (bullet mass & frontal area, angle of barrel, etc) a higher muzzle velocity will make the bullet travel further horizontally as if falls to the ground. If the barrel is level when fired , the bullet will hit the ground at the same time as a bullet dropped simutaneously from muzzle height

How far can a 155mm Howitzer cannon shoot?

The distance a 155 mm Howitzer cannon can shoot is dependent on the angle of attack. The steeper the angle of attack, the shorter the distance it will travel horizontally.

How far would you have to travel in a straight line to match that distance on the earth?

i have no clue

What is the travel distance from Kyoto Japan to Tokyo Japan?

pretty sure it is about 4 hours on the shinkansen (bullet train)

What effect does rifleing in the barrel of a gun have?

It makes the bullet spin when it is fired- much the same way a football spins in flight. The helps the bullet travel in a straight line, improving the accuracy of the gun.

What is the maximum distance a bullet can travel?

That's a very hard question to answer because it depends on several factors. Bullets from handguns can travel as far as a mile or more.