Will a child born in Mexico to American parents be a Mexican citizen?

What I understand is that you can obtain duel citizenship. I understand by rights that a child born in Mexico to parents regardless of race automatically become Mexican citizens. Pending on the date of birth. At the same time you are suppose to go to the American consulate to get American citizenship so the child can travel across the border. I think it works about the same way as if parents from Mexico came to give birth on American soil. To establish American Citizenship you have to fill out the "Consular Report of Birth Abroad" Additional information is available on the Internet at http://travel.state.gov/family/issues_birth.html. http://aztlan.net/dualcit.htm http://www.consulmexny.org/eng/dec_mex_cit.htm (this site gives information on citizenship in Mexico) I hope this answer helps you. I am trying to find out the same information.