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In Ohio child support differs by counties. According to my husband's case they are not allowed to use my income to figure the amount of support he pays to his ex.


The new spouse is not responsible for the support of children from a previous relationship of his or her partner.

In community property states the court in some cases can use the combined income of a couple who remain married when it pertains to support of a child born as a result of the husband's infidelity.


Not that I have seen. They SHOULD impute income to her based on her age, education and past earning ability. But generally that only applies to a man. The mother can claim nearly any absurdly low amount and the court will accept it. The man however can be unemployed due to no fault of his own, have absolutely no income, and the court will impute income at what ever he was earning at his highest point. Then they will take his license, passport, etc, and jail him when he is unable to pay. And he is not afforded a lawyer to represent him because this is not a CRIMINAL case. Never mind he is still in jail. But he has "the keys" to the jail if he pays the support that he couldn't pay before he was locked away. Debtors prison?

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What happens if the father of the child is court ordered to pay child support and refuses?

If a father refuses to pay child support, he's sent to jail and will not be let out until he pays the child support.

Who pays child support when the father is married to another woman?

The parents of the child are liable for support - not their spouses.

Can a custodial father seek child support from the mother?

Yes. The custodial father has a right to child support from the mother depending on their respective economic circumstances. Many mothers pay child support.

How is bobbi kristina brown?

Her father, Bobby Brown refuses to take her off life support and is hoping for a miracle.

Can a child divorce father without permission while he is paying child support?

Divorce is something that happens between spouses, not between parents and children. A child's refusal to see the father does not affect the father's child support obligation.

Can the attorney general force you to do a paternity?

If the father refuses, a default order can be entered against him. Mothers use the right of privacy to prevent the test see links below

Can you stop child support in ma if you are not the father?

In order to pay child support there would've been a DNA test taken to determine that you really are the father. If you can prove you are not the father with a new DNA test you can go to court and stop the child support. If the mother refuses to help with the DNA test you can get a court order for it.

If a mother receives child support does she automatically have custody of the children?

Single mothers have sole custody by default. Married mother must address it with the court. Non-custodial mothers can still get a child support award from the father.

Can I take a man to court if he is a possible birth dad to me if he refuses a DNA test?

Yes. File for a child support order with your local county. They will initiate a paternity test on the potential father, if that is not the father, they can test other men. They will order him to submit to the DNA test. If he refuses then they can actually rule him the father in some states.

Do mothers ever pay child support to fathers?

yes...if the father has custody of the child or children then a woman has to pay child support just like a man.

Does a father have to pay support even if the child refuses visitation?

Yes unless the mother gets remarried and the child is adopted by the new husband

Can new spouses income affect child support payments?

No, the income of a step-parent is not used when figuring child support for the children. Only the income of the biological father and mother are used to determine that amount.

Why have mothers?

Mothers have eggs which the father fertilizes. Mothers are needed to nurse and educate the child.

If father walks out o child life does he still have to pay child support?

Yes, only mothers are not required in most cases.

What if father refuses to pay child support?

If there is a court order for him to pay child support, the best thing to do is report his delinquent payments to your local Department of Human Services. They will work to collect the money he owes.

What is Walt disneys father and mothers name?

Walt Disneys Father and Mothers names areHis fathers name was Elias DisneyHis Mothers name was Flora Disney

How Do Mothers Get Pregnant?

Mothers get pregnant by the father. The father and mother gets on top of each other and has s*x.

Is single parenthood a factor in creating poverty for young mothers?

this is absolutely true unless she gets child support from the father,and if she is lucky her own family will also help support her until she can get on her feet, so it is vital she goes to court to obtain a court order for child support from the father.

Can a woman make a man from a one night stand do a DNA test?

This probably varies by state however in order to obtain child support you will need to prove who the father of the child is. If you believe someone from a one night stand is the father, and know his name and his whereabouts you can have the court order a DNA test for this person. If he refuses to submit to the test, in most states he would be declared the father. In fact, if he refuses the test and is deemed the father of the child and it is later found that he is not, in most states he is still required to continue to pay support.

If the father moves abroad does he yet have to follow the obligations of child support?

Yes, under the Hague Treaty. Only mothers are immune when moving.

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