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If you have the original set of keys that came with the car, there should have been attached a small metal tag with a code on it. That code will be required. However, if it is nowhere to be found, the dealership should be able to assist you with the VIN number, registration and your ID.

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Is it law to provide two keys by car dealership when buying a car?

Is it law to provide two keys by a car dealership when buying a car?

Keys locked in Mercedes 500 how to open?

Unfortunately I know the answer to this, contact dealership and order another key.

How to open locked van doors?

If you don't have spare keys, bring the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), proof of ownership and your license to a dealership that sells your make of vehicle and they can cut you new keys. Another option is to call a locksmith.

What if your OnStar is not activated and your keys are locked in your car?

You call a locksmith who can make a key or acquire the right one with the serial #s from the dealership

How do you get inside range rover super charge with keys locked inside?

Write down the vehicle identification number, have proof of ownership and go to the dealership to have them make a new key or call a locksmith.

How do you get into your Cadillac deville withall keys locked inside?

Take the vehicle VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), proof of ownership and personal ID to a dealership and they can make you a new key otherwise call a locksmith.

I locked my keys in my car how can I unlock my car doors with a hanger if possible?

If you have locked your car keys in your car, you can use a wire coat hanger to unlock your car door by forcing it through the key hole. Take the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) along with some ID (your license) to the dealership and they will make you a new key. No damage done this way.

Keys locked inside?

keys locked in ford tran van not central locking

How do you unlock a Subaru with keys locked inside?

My subaru keys are locked inside. Is there anyway of getting into the car?

Where can you order new keys?


Why do you have keys?

Because if i did not have keys i would be locked out of my house, GTFO

How could you get into the ford contour if you locked your keys in the car without calling a professional?

Go to a Ford dealership and bring with you the VIN of the vehicle and personal identification and they will make you a new key.

How do you open the trunk of a 2007 mustang if the keys are locked inside?

how do i open the trunk of my 2007 mustang if the keys are locked inside

Where can one get replacement car keys?

Many stores will provide car keys to be molded. This will save a person when they've lost their key or locked it into their own car. These stores are called locksmiths.

How can you get into your Chevy express3500 you locked your keys in?

Take the vin number to the Chevy dealer and they can make you another key.

How do you get your keys out of your locked 2oo7 Tacoma?


What is function of keys?

To open locked things.

What do you do if you locked your keys in your car?

If you locked your own keys in your own car, you would need to call a locksmith to open the door and get them out. You would need to pay him for that service.

If you locked the keys to your 2002 Mercedes C240 in your gastank which locks if the car is locked will you be able to get your keys from the gastank if the car is unlocked by a locksmith?

On to of the fridgerator where you left them stupid!

Keys are locked in the trunk of mercedes c200 2010?

The only way to remove the keys locked in a Mercedes C200 2010 is to take the backseat out or call a locksmith.

Where should you go keys replacement?

The dealership (if it is one of those keys which require a coded chip reprogram).

Do you need to havethe vz commodore atthe dealership to reprogram keys or can it be done with the keys alone?


Lost keys to a 1990 grand marquis how do you get new ones?

Get the VIN number, also your proof of ownership.Then go to a Mercury dealership, give them ur info and $40 at the least for new keys.

Where are the keys for the locked rooms in Pokemon emerald?


How do you unlock 95 Suburban?

Locked my keys in it help

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